Watch What Happens When You Drop Boxes Full of the iPhone 5 in Front of Apple Fanboys

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If you camp in front of an Apple Store days before the launch of a new iDevice, chances are you would even refer to yourself as an Apple fanboy. That kind of dedication shows a profund love for Apple products - either that or you'll do anything for a few bucks, like waiting in line for a friend.

Either way, it would probably be shocking to these Apple enthusiasts if an Apple Store employee showed up with a half dozen boxes full of the new iPhone on a dolly and proceeded to shatter them all in a catastrophic accident.

The pranksters at AwesomenessTV decided to test this out by staging that exact scenario outside multiple Apple Stores.

Naturally, hilarity ensues. Some of the reactions are priceless. Check it out below:

If you're looking to see more Apple fans get pranked, check out these guy who glued an iPhone 5 to a busy street.

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