DreamForce Keynote – Cisco CEO John Chambers

    September 18, 2007

This week I am attending my very first Salesforce conference (DreamForce) and must admit it’s one of the largest conferences I have ever been to. Apparently there are over 7,000 people attending this conference and the Moscone Conference Center is a perfect venue to accommodate that many attendees.

My flight got in around 12:30ish however I was still able to attend part of Cisco CEO, John Chambers’ keynote session (which was ABSOLUTELY packed). John’s presentation was primarily surrounding the need for big businesses to begin looking into collaboration using Cisco’s architecture. John also showed off some cool integrations between Cisco and Salesforce. Check out part of John’s presentation below:

Further to John Chambers’ presentation I was amazed to see the hundreds of businesses who are leveraging Salesforce in order to create applications and services of their own (many of which are extremely successful). I was unaware there were so many companies integrating with Salesforce. From Analytics to CMS to Lead Generation, all sorts of companies have a presence at the DreamForce exhibition hall.