Draw Something TV Show Coming to CBS


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Draw Something was the mobile gaming phenomenon of spring 2012. The game surged in popularity this past March, with more than 50 million people playing the game at one point. The game became so popular that the biggest name in social and mobile gaming, Zynga, went ahead and paid $200 million to OMGPOP for the app. However, Draw Something quickly peaked, and interest in the game quickly began to decline, not unlike Zynga itself these days.

Regardless of how "last month" Draw Something may seem now, television studios have been in a bidding war to adapt the game for TV. Variety announced today that CBS has put in the highest bid, and will have Ryan Seacrest host the new show.

Now, if you haven't played Draw Something, here's a quick rundown. Two players compete at drawing various concepts using the touchscreen of a smartphone. One player illustrates a word for the other player to guess. Sound familiar? That's right, it's Win, Lose, or Draw, that late 80's game show featuring a huge notepad, a marker, and celebrities. It's the TV show that was based off of the board game Pictionary, which is what Draw Something was based on.

If you want to know exactly what the show will be, take a look at the video below, but imagine it with Ryan Seacrest:

Variety did mention that CBS has ideas about incorporating social media and "play along" aspects into the show. Let's face it, though, this is a reboot of Win, Lose, or Draw. Here's hoping CBS has Burt Reynolds lined up for the pilot.

(via Variety)