Drake's 'Nothing Was the Same,' Slated to Be His Best Work to Date


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With all that's happened over the past two days, rapper Drake should be livid at just the thought of his album sales being compromised. Drake's third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same,” is slated to be released September 24. Anyone who's following Drake on Twitter has seen at least one tweet about the highly anticipated release date.

However, the only problem with that particular date is the fact the album has already been released as of September 15. Unfortunately, Drake didn't quite get that memo. Late Sunday evening, the full album went viral across the Internet as it leakedto listeners around the world, via Twitter. So much for September 24.

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Now, most artists would consider this an utter travesty. Fortunately for Drake, it seems as though the leak won't be much of a problem at all. As the release date approaches, the leak is actually serving as a dominant marketing strategy, fueling even more anticipation for the album's official release. While Drake has already set the tone of expectation with his dauntless confidence toward the project, the leak only proved his remarks were credible. The leak has also fueled the fire for early reviews of the album.


As the reviews of the exploited album slowly begin to flood the Internet, “Nothing Was the Same” is collectively being referred to as, “Drake's best work yet.” Hollywood Life stated, “It's everything he promised it would be. There are no 'skippable' songs on the album, which is a rare thing for artists. I can't get enough of it.” Examiner even went so far as to deem the album, 'the best of his career.' Ultimately, the majority of the album's early reviews have been nothing less than laudable, with every track on the album being praiseworthy.

Some would probably wonder why anyone would want to purchase an album that's already been leaked. That inquisition can be answered with one word – quality. Quality can always be a winning component, and drawing card, when it comes to music sales. So leak or no leak, it still appears that Drake will trek to the top of the Billboard charts regardless of the minor setback.
Image via Wikimedia Commons