Drake Bell Of Nickelodeon Fame Files For Bankruptcy

    February 13, 2014
    Emily Greene
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Former Nickelodeon child star Drake Bell is in some financial trouble.

The former Drake & Josh star recently filed for bankruptcy, claiming that he’s $581,000 in debt. According to TMZ, Bell makes $2,820 a month, but his expenses run up to $18,771 a month. He is also listing the value of his house at $1.575 million, but it seems he owes $1.597 million. Bell also had a significant drop in his yearly income from 2012 to 2013. While he says he made $408,000 in 2012, he only made $14,099 in 2013.

It seems many Justin Bieber fans are happy with this turn of events in Bell’s life. Recently Bell spent some time on Twitter bashing Bieber for his recent troubles with the law and then continued to just bash him in general.

Two tweets he wrote on January 16 about Bieber after the egging incident have since been deleted, but thanks to Gossip Cop who published them in time, we know they said, “Hey @justinbieber how much are you paying Lil Za to take the coke wrap for ya? Be a man and take responsibility. Learn to be an ADULT!” Bell then tweeted, “@justinbieber instead of egging speeding around your neighborhood and defacing property like a little s–t you should practice your guitar!!”

The only one from that day he didn’t deem necessary to delete still wasn’t very nice.

So of course, Beliebers think this is some sort of karmic retribution. You don’t mess with the Biebs man.

Most recently Bell has been focusing on his music career, releasing the single “Bitchcraft.” He has also been doing voices for different characters in animated work.

Image via Bell’s official Twitter account.

  • Brad Stenberg

    Spending more than you have tends to be the American way these days. But that's a choice, not the American way.

  • jane

    This shows just how disgusting people can be to one another.

  • Chris

    Brad, I agree. You can't spend more than you make…or even equal. People don't get that or they don't care! Either way, this is an epidemic and it effects everyone, even the financially aware.

  • Asha

    Its not karma! bashing someone on a social media network is a far cry from bankrupcy!

  • CR7

    Thats life men. If you cannot afford to live fancy then just buy what you need. I feel bad for drake men I hope that everything goes well for him. Sometimes you poeple need to understand that you don't need a 1200 dollar laptop just to check your emails, or buy a new phone every year just to impress people. When deep down you know you don't make enough.

  • csjmcc

    The sad thing is, everything that Bell said was pretty much true……. Bieber will get his eventually.

  • Bee

    These Justin Bieber fans are doing entirely too much attacking. They need to chill out. The way people idolize celebrities like him is just terrible. And as for Drake Bell…I think that it's time to downgrade his lifestyle. He needs to live within his means.