Downton Abbey: Let's Have a Bit of a Chin Wag*


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Downton Abbey's fourth season has just premiered to the delight of faithful watchers and new fans alike. With Downton Abbey, it seems as if one either adores the show, or abhors it. If you're of another group-- the one wondering "what is Downtown Downton Abbey?"-- get up to speed quickly with a few bits 'n bobs* about the show.

What's it About?
The drama series surrounds the lives of the Crawleys, a family of aristocrats dealing with early 20th century British issues. The first season began with the day after the Titanic's sinking (both heirs to the Crawley inheritance died on the ship) and ended with the beginning of World War I. What saves this show from being just a stuffy dialogue-heavy show about a minted* family is that it also covers the lives of their servants downstairs. The servants have their own lives while still being affected by world events as well as their employer's moods.

Does it Take the Biscuit?*

Possibly due to its airing on PBS, Downton Abbey may be one of the most quietly successful shows out in the past five years. The show has received a Golden Globe Award for Best Miniseries or Television Film, an Emmy and is sealed in the Guinness World Records as the most critically acclaimed television series of 2011.

Alas, we won't waffle* on any more about the subject, and besides you may want to catch up on the past seasons now to prepare for the new season. You can watch past full episodes on Amazon, and be sure to check your local listings for Downton Abbey's showtime every Sunday on PBS.

chin wag- Conversation
bits 'n bobs- facts
minted- wealthy
take the biscuit- something being awesome
waffle- ramble

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