DoubleClick Releases 1st Quarter Email Trend Report

    June 1, 2004

A quarterly study of email trends done by DoubleClick discovered useful information for email marketers. The data for the report comes from DoubleClick’s DARTmail email delivery technology, including billions of emails from hundreds of clients.

The report revealed that email open rates (average of 38.2%) declined slightly from Q1 2003 (39.2%) but increased from an average of 36.8% in Q4 2003. Delivery rates increased slightly to 88.8%, an increase of 1.3 points or 1.5% from Q1 2003.

Click-through rates (8.4%) decreased 0.5 points or 5.6% from Q1 2003 (8.9%) but were stable from Q4 2003 (8.4%), and have shown strong stability over the past two years. Consumer products had the highest unique click-through rate at 6.5%, followed by consumer services at 6.1%.

The amount of clicks per page remained steady at 1.6 times per email in Q1 2004. The highest click ratio belonged to what DoubleClick refers to as “Financial Services”, who experienced a 3x “clicks per clicker” ratio.

While the click rates remained fairly constant from previous quarters, the study found that revenue received from emails has declined somewhat. According to the report, revenue per email delivered has remained steady over the past two years, ranging from $0.21 to $0.29 generated per email delivered in a given quarter.

However, in Q1, revenue per email declined to $0.23 from $0.26 in Q4 and $0.28 in Q1 ’03.

DoubleClick’s conclusion seems to be accurate, stating that performance of email has remained stable. “Overall ‘productivity’ (email driving commerce transactions) is steady over the past two years, though down in Q1 year-over-year — perhaps related to the increased volumes of email in the marketplace and an increasingly difficult deliverability environment.”

The reasons DoubleClick cited for email performance stability are stronger email delivery and consistent open rates. Improvements in customer targeting and mailing list optimization has helped to lower email bounce back rates, another contributor to improved open rates.

To see the full report in PDF format, click here. Thanks to MarketingVOX for the heads up.

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