DoubleClick Folds Up Klipmart

    July 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Online video advertising and management solution provider Klipmart joins forces with long-time ad technology firm DoubleClick.

Video advertising forerunner meets online advertising network in the latest Internet deal. Investment bank the Jordan, Edmiston Group announced the DoubleClick purchase of Klipmart. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Klipmart’s addition to DoubleClick brings a rich media component to the digital advertising platform. DoubleClick sees the acquisition as one that will push it to the forefront of the digital video market.

The video advertising Klipmart pioneered probably ran well ahead of the Internet curve, as it debuted in 1999. Streaming video was in its infancy, and many potential viewers were primarily on slow dialup Internet access instead of broadband.

Now that broadband has become more common for home users, video advertising has become more prominent on the Internet landscape. Google disclosed its video ad product in May, and those ads will appear on Google’s content network.

Doubleclick’s purchase likely means video ads will become more numerous online. Klipmart offers ad formats like In-Stream mode, which runs before content a visitor has selected begins to play.

Such ads stand a better chance of keeping the typical attention-span-starved Internet user watching an ad than a conventional banner graphic does. People have been ignoring banner advertisements in greater numbers, prompting companies like DoubleClick to seek out better ways to deliver value to advertisers.

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