DoubleClick Cleared For Silverlight Landing

    August 5, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

All that rivalry between Google and Microsoft is just business, of course, and so is the arrangement for DoubleClick to provide video ads across Microsoft’s Silverlight 2 video player.

DoubleClick’s partnership with NBC Universal probably made for a nice wedge, though.

Ads will be served alongside 2,500 hours of NBC’s Olympic coverage played within Silverlight 2, served up by DoubleClick’s In-Stream technology. In-Stream adds Silverlight 2 to already-supported formats like Flash, Real Player, and Windows Media

NBC says it has hundreds of advertisers lined up for delivery via In-Stream, and now has a solid partner to manage online video ads.

Quite noticeably, NBC did not choose any type of delivery system from Microsoft for its own video player.

Google’s YouTube has already inked a deal with the International Olympic Committee to broadcast clips in the remoter parts of the world—in places and events where NBC has not already laid claim.