DoubleClick Buys Search Engine Marketer Performics

    May 17, 2004

Internet-based ad company DoubleClick has announced its intended purchase of Performics, a search engine marketing company. The deal is expected to be worth $65 million with DoubleClick paying $58 million in cash. The remaining $7 million will come from future earnings.

Performics allows users to track the performance of ad campaigns that appear in SERPs. DoubleClick stated that it plans to combine the technology Performics uses with its own to better track online advertisement performances.

Previous customers of Performics will have access to DoubleClick’s services once the acquisition is complete including online ad management, email and website analytics. Incidentally, 11 of Performics’ Top 15 customers are also part of DoubleClick.

The addition of Performics raises DoubleClick’s operating expenses by nearly $9 million.

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