Dos And Donts Of Content Optimization CORRECTION

    August 12, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

In an article posted on 8/10/05 regarding information gleaned from a Search Engine Strategies session hosted by Jill Whalen of and Heather Lloyd-Martin of WebSourced, Inc., some critical errors were made among the relay from notes to print. In this posting, we will address the errors and Jill’s thoughtful correction of those errors. Jill emphasized that there were no absolutes in SEO.

DON’T go over 250 words per page-This is not necessarily a rule of thumb. Heather mentioned that 250 words per page works well for her. The key is that you make your page readable so visitors will take time to read the content. If it’s too long, a visitor will likely bail. Good concise copy is thought to be a good guideline.

DO limit your keyword usage to 2 or 3 keywords per page. Otherwise, you could get tagged for keyword spamming-Jill’s guidelines were to optimize for 2 or 3 KEYPHRASES per page, but often optimizes many pages for 5 phrases at a time where it makes sense to do so.

DO include the main keyphrase you are targeting on every page.
DO emphasize (bold) text to boost keyword positioning with search engines.
DO keep an eye on competitors and how they rank for the same keywords.

Jill maintains these 3 points were not made in the session.

Our apologies for any misrepresentations and we hope this correction clears up any misunderstandings. Click here for Jill’s response in WebProWorld.