Don’t Wait To Delegate

    June 2, 2003

As an entrepreneur you often have to wear many hats: salesperson, administrator, and accountant. You try to make time for errands and family, but find yourself running out of time and running on empty. The obvious answer is to delegate some of your to-do list, but why do some of us find it so hard to let go?

Delegation can be uncomfortable because you still have to be accountable for the end results. But those results can suffer if you don’t ultimately learn to hand over some of the tasks which are not your core capabilities; which others can do more easily and cost- effectively. An example might be the preparation of presentation materials which is your core competency to create, but not to physically produce.

How do you begin?

1. Analyze your workload and decide which tasks can be delegated based on skills required and how much time may be needed to complete it.

2. Identify possible associates or sub-contractors who are available and have the talent to get the job done.
3. Communicate clear expectations of what the result of the delegated work should be and set a deadline.
4. While clearly establishing the process, don’t describe it to death which would indicate a lack of confidence in their work.
5. Allow the individual(s) the opportunity to do the tasks their own way.
6. Remain accessible to answer any questions they may have and provide support for problem-solving. Be prepared to intervene if necessary.
7. Encourage and accept beginner’s errors without harsh recriminations.
8. Remember to praise a job well done.

Your ultimate goal is to deliver project success of the highest quality and on time. Delegation will help you to meet that goal. So, if you can overcome the natural fear you encounter using the steps listed above, you will experience the benefits of delegating:

-You will be better able to concentrate on critical management tasks and strategic planning. -Your ultimate productivity will rise enabling you to increase your customer base. -You will be in a better position to deliver creative project solutions, on time and as required. Delegation makes you look good! -You will have time to develop new skills you desire -Your level of stress will go down, eliminating burnout -You will feel the satisfaction that can come from sharing success with your associates. Delegation builds trust and rapport.

The hallmark of a successful business person is the ability to delegate. With careful planning and execution, you will move away from dealing with daily crisis and time crunches, and into reaping the rewards of a well managed business – more growth, more time and more money!

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