Don’t Overlook iPhone Analytics

    February 25, 2009
    Chris Crum

Google has added an advanced segment to Google Analytics looking specifically at visits to your site coming from iPhones. This should prove very useful to webmasters as iPhones have obviously caught on in a big way.

All you have to do to enable this segment is:

1. Click the drop down menu next to "Advanced Segments" at the top-right of any report

2. Select "Visits from iPhone"

3. Turn off "All Visits" when viewing your iPhone segement

"If the percentage of total visits to your site from the iPhone is small, it will be difficult to visualize the two sets on numbers on the same graph," explains Chrix Finne of the Google Mobile Ads Team.

iPhone Advanced Segment

Each Google Analytics report is available under the iPhone advanced segment. "If you use AdWords, you can now use Analytics to better analyze the performance of any campaigns that use our new iPhone and high-end mobile targeting feature," explains Finne.

"We’ve added the iPhone segment to get you started, but you can always create a custom Advanced Segment to compare or combine iPhone visits with other mobile operating systems; for instance, if you’re targeting ads in AdWords to iPhone & high end mobile devices (which currently includes Android devices), you can create a new segment for iPhone & Android."

Using advanced segments in general can have a tremendous impact on the success of your business. This is a topic I recently discussed with E-Nor President Feras Alhlou after he posted on the subject at the Google Analytics Blog. Web analytics are a part of marketing that is growing in importance as search engines continue to evolve in their ways of delivering results.