Don’t Just Jump on the Social Media “Brand” Wagon

Connect, Belong, and Maybe They'll Buy From You

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At ad:tech, Cheryl Stallworth, CEO North America of Firefly, talked about a social media study the firm conducted in which it explored consumer expectation of brands. 

"The thing that was interesting is that when it comes to people who are fairly sophisticated….there are a lot of similarities around the world," she said. "Regardless of the level of market development, you find very, very sophisticated social media users."

"The barriers are going to come down," she declared. Barriers will be limited to things like literacy and Internet connections. The point is that everyone is using it, and they’re talking about brands. 

"Now consumers have the microphone, and they’re gonna tell you what they want, and they’re gonna interact on their own terms," she said. "They [marketers] see the value, but they’re not quite sure how to engage. "’Maybe my brand isn’t cool enough’ is what they’re saying…" 

That fact is that brand management teams, she said, are "lacking best practices, and they’re really lacking guidelines. They feel like they’re on the outside looking in."

Many of these marketers and brand managers are simply jumping on the social media bandwagon, without really knowing what to do, Stallworth said. This is not going to lend to a lot of credibility or effectiveness in strategy.

In other words, it’s time to get your stuff together. Social media’s not new and shiny anymore. The longer you wait to develop a real strategy, the worse your brand is going to look and your credibility will diminish. There’s no one strategy. You have to find yours. I’m sure you can find plenty of ideas online. Here’s a few to get your started. 

To put brand social media into perspective, Stallworth shared some wise words: "To connect is to belong. To belong is to believe. To believe is to maybe consider…If I’m considering you then maybe I’m going to think about buying you."

Don’t Just Jump on the Social Media “Brand” Wagon
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  • http://www.aktivtek.no/ s

    It was always like that: to sell something well – it was enough to let go of a rumor about a good product on the network. And what is best place for gossiping if not social networking sites?

  • http://www.armanihair.com salon

    Great information. as you mentioned this has been around for some time and people just need to develope a strategy.

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    I started a Facebook page a few months ago our my golf club cover business. I have built a following of over 3700 friends on Facebook and most of them are golfers. Through this I have met some really great people and have met some fantastic business connections. Through Facebook I have received a great amount of sales including several large orders for University golf teams.

    Don’t wait to jump on social media marketing, do it NOW! If you have a certain product, you target certain people on Facebook to become your friend. And build your group of friends. A large majority will buy your product if it is a good product.

    We have a 2nd business which is VERY unique, making wooden bottle and vessel shaped cremation urns. http://www.ashes2urns.com We are now working on building a following on Facebook for this business. And like our other business targeting the right people… it works.

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    Thanks for this.
    We are working our strategy now. It takes a lot of consideration.
    We want to engage with our audience, and offer them real value.

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    I run a music promotion company and I find that if you use private messages to connect with your friends (Customers) they respond more frequently and you can engage them by first engaging yourself into them

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