Don’t Hold Your Breath For GDrive

    August 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

From purely a connotative language standpoint, "indexing the world’s information" sounds less ominous than the goal of caching "100% of user data." Even so, the long-rumored GDrive may never surface to store all of it.

Codename Platypus may never see the light of day, says Philipp Lenssen, as a mysterious video that showed up on YouTube shows…well, it did show, until it was marked as private.

Philipp writes:

Just in case you missed the latest rumors revolving around the YouTube video “Googley Blues”: The video, apparently created and sung by a Google employee, was showing the Gdrive aka Platypus icon overlaid with the lyrics, “I’ve been ready to launch my product since 2002 … At least round here 5 years ain’t so long overdue.” Someone claiming to be an ex-Googler – I can’t verify this – now adds in the comments, “Platypus was intended for public release as much as [a] year ago, but then there was the push away from creating new products."

It wasn’t too long ago that a PowerPoint presentation leaked that mentioned GDrive and used the phrase "Store 100% of User Data," referring to a goal of offering access to everything a user could want from any platform or device.

That PowerPoint presentation met is no longer available either.