Don't Give Your MacBook To A Monkey


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Monkeys are incredibly intelligent creatures capable of wielding tools and solving simple problems. That doesn't mean they should be trusted with consumer electronics though.

In a promo video for a new DIY computer project called Kano, the team put a monkey and a MacBook into the same room. The result is pretty great, and proves once again that monkeys can make anything funny.

That was pretty great, right? Well, except for the dubstep, but we can forgive that for what Kano is trying to accomplish. Their goal is to get a computer into everybody's hands, and they're using the simple and cheap Raspberry Pi to do so. Unlike the Raspberry Pi, however, the Kano has been simplified even further to ensure that anybody can build it.

It's certainly not as funny as monkey destroying a MacBook, but here's Kano's other promo video that features what happens when you give children a computer that even they can build. It's rather inspiring:

[Image: TeamKano/YouTube]