Don’t Forget Who You’re Trying to Target

    February 26, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Whether you are creating an ad, direct mail copy, or writing a blog post, the fastest way to screw up your message is to forget who you’re trying to target.

The best strategy for creating a targeted message is to imagine your target prospect in the chair right across from you. What would you tell him/her? How would you speak to them?

You see, without having that persona in front of you, your message that you’re trying to convey can easily get lost in the process. You can easily forget what it is that will most likely appeal to your prospect. Imagining them sitting in that chair across from you helps you create a more personal message that will ultimately result in a higher conversion.

Take for example Bloggers. If a blog does not recognize it’s core audience, the posts will easily become irrelevant to most readers. Thus, the blog will lose it’s traffic pretty quickly. On the other hand, if you blog… imagine who it is that you’re talking to every day and sit them down in that chair across from you. That character will help you be relevant and hopefully interesting.

This technique is especially helpful to copy writing. Your ad copy is just like a letter. The more personal it is the more it will work it’s magic. When we write letters to our loved ones we know exactly who’ll be reading them and thus what we say (hopefully) is targeted towards them. Well …. use the same tactic for you ad copy. Make your letter personal. Imagine the reader sitting in that chair across from you.




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