Don’t Envy The Guru – Become One!

    November 4, 2002

Who says you don’t have what it takes to be a guru? True, there are so many self- proclaimed gurus online these days, it seems extremely crowded.

But this applies to only a few areas, like Internet marketing. Who’s to say you couldn’t become ‘the expert’ in a more specialized niche?

If you think about it, you’ll realize that you probably already have the knowledge inside you. Get ready to unleash the guru within!

At the beginning, position yourself as a knowledgeable source on your subject, who is willing to share his/her information with others. Offer free information on discussion boards and forums.

Any of the following will fit the ‘free information’ bill:

A free report dealing with a want or need, showcasing your expertise/information, and how it can fill a void or fix a problem.

General instructions on how to do something of interest to your niche (in doll making, for example, this could include easy techniques to prepare a porcelain head mold, working with kilns or general instructions on easy techniques to customize a dress pattern)

Spread The Word on Your Guru Status

A guru isn’t shy about spreading the word about himself/herself. Don’t you be, either! Few things draw new business like the offering of a new product or service by a guru.

So how can you spread the word quickly? Try the following:

* Press Releases. You can distribute these through online resources and off. Some online sources to investigate include:

Just keep your release to a page and a half, at the most. Double-spaced.

Always put your most important information in the first two paragraphs, in case the reader decides not to finish the document! And never make a blatant sales pitch in your press release. It’ll be tossed/deleted, trust me.

If possible, link your announcement to a current trend, giving it a news ‘hook.’ Give it some relevance to what’s going on in the world. You’ll improve your chances of getting picked up this way.

*Articles To Offline and Online Media. Write informative articles based on your personal experiences and knowledge. Submit an ongoing series to article directories, like-minded web sites, post them in your own newsletter, send to offline newspapers and magazines, etc.

One article won’t do it – you have to create continued exposure.

Don’t forget to include a 4-6 line resource box at the bottom of all online articles you submit. Same with offline media – they always have an ‘about the author’ paragraph at the bottom articles written by non-staff personnel.

All of these efforts will result in increased sales, as people like doing business with a helpful expert. It ups the perceived value of your product or service immensely.

Realize that the Internet is still wide open for those seeking guru status. Just pick your niche and get going!

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