Don’t Buy, Test and Use a Mailing List!…Don’t!

    June 5, 2003

Last month I wrote about how I bought 2,500 leads from an opt-in mailing list vendor. This source is a well-known I-guru and I trusted him! They sell each record only twice, advertise a “penny per lead” guaranteed, have average 25% “bounce” and included an extra 1,000 names – 3,500 names for $25.00.

Yes…I had a greater percentage of “bounces” and they sent me another 1000. About 600 of these were no good and they sent me another 900+ more leads.

This is a general interest list. I can use it over and over again for targeted mailings. Wow!…Let’s really check out this combined list!

Then…the sh” hit the fan!

I did not have the IP address of the recipient, so I noted the source where their name was originally opted in. The first thing that went wrong…one of the sources really got upset I’d referenced his operation. I mean…he got really nasty and reported me to every source in the CyberWorld which handled the “S” word! I corresponded with him, explained what happened, and he recognized it as an honest mistake. We parted on friendly terms. But the damage had been done.

I had recently moved over to a new hosting service…because my former one of many years was no longer competitive. This event totally upset my new hosting service which is less than a year old. They handled it very poorly and considered me “guilty until proven innocent.” They never gave me a chance to prove myself innocent. I was told they had been told to pull my plug. I don’t believe this because they offered to move me to another server…after all the commotion died down.

I was having other problems with them…non-standard billing procedures, lack of communication with tech, their service not being up 99.99% of the time as they “guaranteed”…and more negatives simply not acceptable in a competitive world. Unfortunately…in an earlier edition of this webZine…I recommended them.

Well…I must learn to keep my mouth shut until I’m convinced I can offer a good recommendation. Fortunately, I had earlier backed up my whole site to my home system. It was very easy simply to upload to another hosting service which promises to offer even better value. The new service had me up and running within 6 hours and it took only about 30 hours to propagate over. No…I didn’t go the standard I-marketer recommended path. I searched elsewhere. I might have found it.

At this time, my purchased “opt-in” list is useless. I feel I have paid my dues – only $25 – to learn an invaluable lesson. ***No matter how good a reputation some established “guru” might have, do *not* follow blindly. Do your own research and engage your common sense!***

So…here’s more specific feedback. All names on list are over a year old. Many of the complaints came from persons who had forgotten they had ever opted in to a list…anywhere. Of the 20 different optin sources, 6 no longer displayed websites. Hey…we’re going out of business…let’s sell our list? The remaining ones either had non-existent privacy policies, or policies that stated they would share information if optin registrant ***did not opt out!*** Many of these sources were “gaming” sites and “get your freebie” sites…CyberSleaze?

I’m sure our “guru” friend stayed completely within the letter of the law…but maybe not the intent of the law. And…perhaps he didn’t do sufficient research before offering his “great” list.

*Note:* He now has a “strike two” against him in my scorekeeping. He is promoting at this time the most invasive piece of “S” ware ever developed – IP-addressing. You can “S” every online computer in the world which has MS Messenger activated. He even admits the useful life of this software is short…better get yours now!

C’mon, guy, get back on track. You’re killing your reputation and taking others down with you!

I always try to remain positive. I don’t believe in publishing negatives. I am not a critic! But there is definitely a time to speak out against practices which are devastating to my profession as an I-marketer wannabe.

In passing, it took me 6 months to get my first commission check. And…I just got my second one 6 weeks later. I hope this is a geometric trend…

So there you have it! ***Don’t Buy, Test and Use a Mailing List.*** If you would like to know more about this particular List Vendor, visit – ( ) and email me from there. I look forward to hearing from you…

Now go and build your own reliable double optin mailing list of trusted potential clients.

Robert Leggett has over 10 years experience marketing the scuba industry over the Internet. His focus has changed. Robert works with individuals and business owners all over the world. He helps them succeed in business and achieve financial independence. Visit him at – Subscribe to his “Free for Life” newsletter – “CyberSpaceMarketeer” – Receive your Free eBook.