Donations Via Text Could Change Game For Obama

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In recent years, voting has become more and more popular amongst young people, due in part to campaigns by MTV like "Rock The Vote" and influential stars urging today's youth to go make a difference; in the past, an overwhelming number of young people in the states were found to be liberal, meaning their votes have been extremely important for the Dems.

Some think that the addition of campaign donations being accepted via text message could also be a game changer for Obama, who is running a close race with Mitt Romney. In general, young people are more apt to use such a text-based service, and their support means a lot to the president who has famously become a pop-culture hero after his appearance on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon". His support for young people in the never-ending battle against student loan giants has also earned him favor with college-age voters.

Although the race between Obama and Romney is heating up and Obama is coming under fire from his opponent's supporters for a new ad bashing Romney's term as governor of Massachusetts, both candidates agree that the integration of text donations will be a good thing for their respective campaigns.

“Campaign finance policy debates are marked by strong differences of opinion,” Obama counsel Robert Bauer wrote in a letter to the FEC. “But agreement seems widespread on the created uses of emerging technology.”

Amanda Crum
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