Donald Trump Insists “Apprentice” Sponsors Not Pulling Out

By: Amanda Crum - March 16, 2012

As reported yesterday, rumors have been flying concerning major sponsors withdrawing from Donald Trump’s reality show “Celebrity Apprentice” after a scandal erupted around his sons earlier this week.

The brothers, Donald Jr. and Eric, are at the center of a controversy after photos were released of a hunting trip they took in Africa last year which showed them standing beside the carcasses of various animals they’d killed. Though they insist that none of the animals were endangered and that all the meat was given to nearby villages, many people–including the animal rights group PETA–are outraged at what they consider to be animal cruelty, and that reportedly includes at least one sponsor of “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Camping World and Good Sam CEO Marcus Lemonis reportedly told TMZ yesterday that he was “shocked” by the photos and that even though his company Camping World had already run ads on the show this season, he wouldn’t be spending any more money to support them.

But Donald Trump Sr. says that just isn’t true. In a phone interview with TMZ today, he claimed that not one sponsor has pulled their funding from his show, including Good Sam. In fact, he said, the company is “thrilled to be on board” and is looking forward to the episode in which their ads run. The episode airs next month.


Trump also said he doesn’t personally believe in hunting but that he believes his sons didn’t do anything wrong on their safari.

Reps for Camping World and Good Sam could not be reached for comment.

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  • C.A.

    Camping World has already announced it’s dropping the sponsorship, so Donald Tacky is lying (then again, what else is new?). I hope other sponsors follow suit. I could never so business with a company that supports such disgusting people.

  • Webb Baker

    What? Such is the privileged who could do good with their time and wealth, to amuse themselves by killing wildlife, with high powered rifles, a cowardly engagement, where the animals have zero chance to defend themselves. Ooooh…this boils my blood. With wildlife numbers declining rapidly due to habitat encroachment and poaching, these two spoiled, rich, useless *&*&*&* decide to go kill some for the “fun” of it. SHAME ON YOU

  • john639

    If they REALLY wanted to do some good they could have spent that time building homes for villagers or helping support the sanctuary centers housing animals that have been maimed by poachers.

    Instead they decided to destroy other living beings for the thrill of it.