Donald Trump Considering Running for NY Governor


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“You’re fired” are the words billionaire developer Donald Trump may be able to say to current New York governor Andrew M. Cuomo, if he runs for the position himself.

Trump revealed on Friday, January 10, that he would run for governor of New York if he had the Republican Party behind him.

“If we could have a unified party with everybody backing properly, I would do it and I think I’d win,” Trump said in an interview. “I am giving it very, very serious consideration, and if everything falls into place I would do it.”

Trump claims that Cuomo is politically vulnerable on a variety of issues, including the state’s high tax policy, and a massive bridge construction project that Trump thinks is too expensive.

This isn’t the first time Trump has become involved in politics: he has been very vocal in his disbelief that President Barack Obama was indeed born in the United States. He has also stated his possible intentions of running for president.

Many Republicans and Democrats believe Trump is simply trying to get publicity by talking about running for political office. And although the developer says he loves his professional life, he believes his children are now old and experienced enough to take over his many ventures, which would allow him to take on the responsibility of becoming governor.

“They assume maybe I won’t want to do this,” Trump said of those who don’t believe he will actually run for office. “At the same time, I love this state, and I see where it’s going. We’re going to be another Detroit.”

Trump promises tax cuts if he becomes governor.

Image via Wikimedia Commons