Domains Sell for Big Money at Live Auction

Ad.com Gets the Most

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It’s always interesting to see what domains are sold for big money. The other day, the domain Ad.com was sold for $1.4 million at a live auction.

This was by far the most money spent on a domain at the event, which saw 91 domains sold for a total of $2,133,350. The average selling price per domain was $23,443. Here is a list of the top sellers and how much they sold for:

Ad.com – $1,400,000
BottledWater.com – $45,000
Athletic.com – $40,000
Vixen.com – $32,500
Shutter.com – $25,000
Diets.net – $21,000
OnlineTelevision.com – $20,000
NonProfits.com – $20,000
Jonesboro.com – $19,000
SteakKnives.com – $18,000
HomeMortgage.net – $17,000
Debug.com – $17,000
CampingSupplies.com – $16,000
Ycg.com – $14,000
Punks.com – $13,000
Antihistamine.com – $13,000
MedicalProblems.com – $12,000
SiameseCats.com – $12,000
Bionic.com – $12,000
Filet.com – $11,000
GardenOfEden.com – $11,000
Sham.com – $11,000
KingCrab.com – $10,000
HeadShot.com – $10,000

Moniker, the organization holding the auction has extended it to on online auction, which is taking place until May 7th. There are still some interesting domains on the auction block, and it will be interesting to see what they go for. These include:

Viajes.com (Spanish for “travel”)

I would think ColdandFlu.com would be a particularly interesting one to keep an eye on given the timing with the whole swine flu thing and all.

Domains Sell for Big Money at Live Auction
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  • Johnny

    SwineFlu.com just sold for an undisclosed sum. There is more domain sales going on than most developers ever realize.

    Developers and domainers don’t mix much. Developers don’t understand domains. They like domains like Flickr.com instead of domains like Flicker.com (the right way) which us domainers like.

    Some of us have been doing this for 15 years and can spot valuable domains……but you show one to a developer and they can’t see the value. It’s like a builder not understanding that the real estate IS almost more important than the building.

    Ray Kroc, founder of McDonalads, once said he does not sell hamburgers, he sells real estate…..hence they own some of the very best property in the world, which sells hamburgers.

    Develpors……are you listening? Look at the domain sales list in this terrible economy. That ought to tell you something were value is.

  • http://www.chrisdesouza.com Chris Desouza

    While it may be true that developers don’t quite fully understand domains, it is for lack of historical evidence that a domain name itself lent any amount of credence to the success of an organization or an online business.


    All of these would make terrible domain names and one which would not fetch $30 on a forum listing. Domainers are full of themselves, recycling domains within the same ecosystem. It is all about the need to push ones portfolio. I know it. Developers and Domainers are in the same boat. One doe not know valuation for lack of insight, and the other for lack of foresight.

    There is more to the sales news with domains than what meets the eye. Much of it best left unsaid.

  • http://www.dogseizures.net Sam@dogseizures.net

    That’s a huge price for a domain. No wonder why the auction for this domain resulted to that expensive amount when it comes to contents. We can conclude that topics in Ad.com are very in demand to internet users

  • Guest

    @ Chris……how many real estate investors flip real estate to other similar investors? All the time.

    End users are just now really coming out of the woodwork to buy these domains b/c they finally are understanding the power of generic domain names.

    Sure, anyone can build an empire on almost any domain, but a generic gives the site instant recognition in the surfers eyes and branding power is already established to a large degree. There are countless examples of successful generic domains that have been built into an empire b/c they already had a leg up…..Hotels.com, Escrow.com, Sex.com, etc……

    Does anyone seriously believe that Ad.com won’t get a return its investment very quickly with a correctly executed site? The buyer was an end user and a bright guy. Would he have just as fast success if the site was called JombaAd.com or BoomAd.com? You make the call, but from what I know from being in the domain industry for 15 years I’ll put ALL my chips on Ad.com. Like the buyer said, “it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy it.:

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric from SEO Dirs

    Instead of a source of information, the internet is becoming more like real estate business. The land on commercial roads is far more expensive than the land in residential areas.

  • http://pcblog2000.webs.com ????? ??????

    Nice domain names but expensive!!!

  • http://www.mirpaat-shinaim.info ????? ??????

    ok, let’s buy 1000 domain and two years latter we can be very rich guys!

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