Domain sales get cheesy in France

    June 17, 2008
    WebProNews Staff

Some of the domains available for an upcoming auction during the EuroDNS Domainer Meeting in Paris include a selection of cheese-related dot-coms, and a couple of other intriguing domains.

Havarti, Gouda, and GoatCheese all have a place at the forthcoming SnapNames Live auction, at least in their .com equivalents. SnapNames believes they all have a value in the $500k to $750k range.

We’re more interested in a couple of other domains hitting the auction block. is one we can easily imagine finding a new owner in Paris; poor economic times tend to lead to more interest in three chords and the truth, as Bono might put it.

But the real gold-plated prize looks like SnapNames pegged its value at upwards of $1m; we won’t be surprised to see it go higher.

But probably sat on the shelf for too long. Microsoft is pushing the PC world to Vista and beyond, making interest in the old XP operating system, and probably interest in the domain, less than what it may have been several years ago.