Domain .Me Dotted With Problems

GoDaddy suffering from .me deluge

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Registrar GoDaddy began offering the .me domains from registration, but the process overwhelmed the company with issues.

Failed registrations and multiple registrations of the same .me domain name cast a pall over GoDaddy’s .me debut. The new domain, being sold for $19.99 per year with a required two-year purchase (privacy option extra), should end up a profitable venture for the company.

However it will be a bit of a joyless slog getting there.

Domain .Me Dotted With Problems
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  • Johnny

    I tried for one .ME registration at GoDaddy this moring during the rush and I got an email confirmation as well as a MasterCard confirmation that my order had been processed.  Several hours later I received an email saying the domain had already been registered and my order was declined. I still have not received a refund.

    My GoDaddy representative told me they are making no money on these registrations, and are instead just passing on the reigstrar fees from the Dot.ME registrar.  I don’t know if that is true – that is just what I was told.

  • http://www.wesh.co.uk Richard Wraith

    This problem with the .ME registrations is NOT unique to godaddy, it appears to be problems at the .ME WHOIS end where domain names are being shown as available on WHOIS lookups, yet when you then try to register a name, thats only when you find out if its truely available.

    Dont blame Godaddy, its "domains.me" who want shooting for not getting their act together and who are causing the problems by not correctly showing which names are actually available.

    We have questioned this several times over the last few days and been told on every query that the domains that fail are because they are "premium names" yet they provide no "Definition" of what their premium names are, and these names still today show as available @ www.domains.me

    So, if the registrar and their whois cant get it right, what are we all to do?

    • http://www.previews.me Guest

      anyone starting a law suit againts the .ME people? count on .ME!

  • http://www.previews.me Jay

    I experienced the same issues, the .ME people, not godaddy, are just full of it, the way they have advertised the .me names are misleading the customers with changing dates from July 14, July 17 and now different dates for different domains which are being auctioned. But if you check, you cannot bid now in most domains and the whole bid thing is tricky way to speculate on prices, you cannot see who bids, how many people, how long will the auction last or any details, for all I know, they can be placing a fake bid and we will never know, anyway the domains will be sold no matter what. Is just a lot of lies and ICANN must look into this issue, I purchased the same domains at the same time with another friend and we both got sales receipts. The $99 pre-registration is that, pre-registration, no pre-auction. can you spell SCAM.ME?

  • http://www.iluvdotme.com/ Dave (The Other One)

    Seems like the only people that had issues with .me registrations were the players and heavy speculators who were willing to drop a wad of cash on sucking up all the domains they could for speculative purposes.

    I got over 10 geo-domains with not a single hitch and I think it’s only fitting all the losers who were trying to buy domains so they could turn them for a quick profit got slapped.

  • Ted

    This company tricked me into into purchasing a .cm domain name and then charged me $149.99 for it without my knowledge. Despite many requests they refuse to give me a refund and are now threatening me with legal action if I reveal this to the public. If you want to register a domain name I’d stay away from this company.

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