Dog With Cleft Lip Brings Hope To Kids


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In cuter news, everyone should have the chance to hear about Lentil Bean, a French Bulldog with a cute face and big heart.

This pup was born with a cleft lip, and was struggling for his life during his first twelve weeks on Earth. The blog dedicated to Lentil kept record of all the trials and tribulations that the little pup faced up until his consultation and surgery date. The surgery that Lentil undertook saved his life and fixed his palate so that he now has the ability to eat on his own. Doctors chose, however, to not fix his lip, and this has lead to little Lentil becoming a sort of ambassador for children with similar medical conditions.

Lentil and his human family have worked with a variety of charities and fundraisers, raising awareness and hope for children with cleft lips and palates. Their recent project was the inaugural Lentil Fest, which took place on May 5th and raised money for the French Bulldog Rescue Network, Street Tails Animal Rescue, and the Children's Craniofacial Association (CCA Kids), according to the event's official Facebook page.

As a result of the day's events, each charity received a check for a minimum of $2,523. A bake sale with cupcakes and "support ribbons" featuring Lentil also reeled in an extra $433 dollars for the CCA, according to an official Lentil blog post.

The latest Lentil cause is helping families go to the annual CCA Kid's Retreat, which can be rather costly, running at $2,000 for just one family to attend. Team Lentil is urging Facebook supporters to each consider donating just one dollar, which, if done, could raise enough money to send over forty-five families to the retreat.

A link to the official Facebook page for Lentil can be found here, and a link to the donation page for the CCA Kid's retreat can be found here. Both are worth checking out, and donations would be going a fantastic cause. (Plus, the Facebook page is full of pictures of cute puppies and kids.)