Dog Shaming: Because Your Dog Is A Jerk

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Dog Shaming: Because Your Dog Is A Jerk
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Dog shaming is all the rage now, apparently, as it was featured on “Today” with Kathie Lee and Hoda after photos of pets plastered with their bad deeds went viral on the web. And while some people think it’s mean, most just think it’s a funny way to call out pets for being adorable little jerks.

Anyone with a pet knows they like to get up to shenanigans, especially when they have the house to themselves. My dog, Danzig, is particularly fond of eating trash (used Kleenex seems to be like a fine delicacy to him), stealing my daughter’s food when she’s distracted, and sneaking into my office to steal Blow Pops. We love him dearly, and I’m sure he (mostly) just does it for attention, but damn it gets old.

Dog shaming is actually not a new thing; Will Ferrell introduced us to it back when he was on SNL.

Dog Shaming: Because Your Dog Is A Jerk
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  • ikluder

    I think we should do this to our children.

    • Ilaughinyourfacewhenyourmad

      Some people do shame there kids

      • Victoria

        Please, if you are going to post, learn how to spell and structure a sentence.

        • iamsol

          Lighten up Victoria. This isnt the Wall Street Journal.

  • anne vitasek

    That terrible! you should not treat your pets badly! they are mans best friend!

  • diana

    If your dog is a jerk, it is because your a jerk…. the pet is clearly acting out just a child would, try being a better parent. Pets are part of the family, look at that way, and seriously, it would not be any other way.

    • Wig

      Dogs act out, not always are the owners at fault. Is it your fault if you let a responible kid drive to a movie and their friend starts drinking? No. Just as it’s not always the owners fault for a dogs bad behavior. It happens. Thats like telling someone with dyslexia that their grades are bad because they are stupid.

  • Ilaughinyourfacewhenyourmad

    this cant possibly worse then dying the dogs hair and painting there nails and dressing them up in clothes? Some people do shame there kids its just not a slide show on the internet but the locals get to see it and might pop up on the local news if they see it but thats it. What happened to dogs just being dogs, im sure the extra clothes are making them hotter, and there confused as to why there fur seem to be a shade darker then what they remember (i know ther color blind) but people frost there cakes and cookies, yes cakes and cookies my grand mother told me the dogs ate human food not the harmful kind but what they could eat and they lived long healthy happy lives I think now a days everyone takes things to the extreme and yes I have dogs and yes there happy and healthly and house trained but at time they just get into things no animal is perfect and the fact that people are getting strollers and car seats and everything else thats retarded for dog that is an issue for me what happen to walking is good for you? That applies to the dog too. So focusing on this is dumb i thought thipost was going to be something extreme. SMH relax people!

  • Anacreon

    The dogs are still smarter than Kathie and Hoda!

  • Jade

    Hey people… They ARE JUST DOGS they CAN’T READ , ITS a JOKE.,.CALM DOWN PSYCHOS jeez!

    • debbie carter

      Dog shaming if people think dog shaming going to keep their dog from eating shoes and messing on the carpet think again you have a better chance at teaching you dog to drive a car

    • Anonymous

      NOT FUNNY!!!

  • jeanie

    Dependingon the breed if it affects them. Small breeds that are lap dogs actually can get into a spiral of bad behavior because they are pleaser type of dogs. Bigger, more domineering dogs don’t mind.

    And for the morons that don’t get this… You are probably the darn psychos on the road AIMING for helping four-leggers, so just SHUT UP!

    • Sibyl

      ANY dog is capeable of bad behavior.

  • Anonymous

    If you do shame your dog SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU ARE.HORRIBLE!!! How stupid are you!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wig

      Smarter than you. Though thats hard not to do. Internet troll.

  • Sibyl

    I don’t see what the big deal is.

    No animals were harmed in the making of the photos. And its exhausting to keep up with animal antics sometimes. In order to not get mad or frustrated or angry at the pets, humans vent this way. Its not about bad training either, most of these things are just pet quirkyness, or bad puppy behavior. Like a child who gets into things sometimes it makes us laugh to see what a mess they’ve created and its one of those things thats almost unbelievable. Dogshaming is just a way to laugh off some of the frustrating things we deal with as pet owners. They cant be good all the time, they are always in a learning process about what is right and what is wrong.

    I think dog owners shouldn’t be attacked for finding a funny way to deal with pets who get into the trash when we arent looking, or run off and eat dirty underwear, or barking at a doorbell on tv.

    The dogs don’t know any better. And they don’t know they are even on the internet. It’s these random quirky things about our pets that are the reason we do LOVE them.

    So if we choose to post a picture of our dog to create a little comic relief, I don’t think we should be harassed for it.

    You people need to stop being so uptight, and find a sense of humor.

    Anyone who says that they have perfect kids and NEVER get frustrated at them every once in awhile is a liar.


  • Nefertari

    The cure for dogshaming? Dog TRAINING.

    • Michelle

      These pet owners should be required to sit next to signs of all the messed up stuff they do. Sit next to your dog with his sign and see who’s worse. Fido: I chewed up the newspaper. Dan: I hired a prostitute and snorted two lines of cocaine last weekend.

      • Sibyl

        Haven’t you seen the sign’s people have to hold when they steal or disobey parents. Look on the internet, its out there. Some law enforcement agencies make people stand in front of the establishment they stole from and hold signs saying what they’ve done. Most of them are teenagers. I think that’s more shamefull because its not just a silly photo on the internet they have to stand there for hours and let people yell nasty shit at them.



    • Wig

      Yes, because training fixes it all. Dogs do all sorts of things for a variety of reasons. Mine are trained, but they still eat the $15 pair of shoes instead of the ones that cost me five bucks. They still bark at the smurfs and they still chase cats. because they want to. Now please stop masquerading as an ancient egyptian pharoh and get off your throne.

  • Michelle

    Dogs are some of the most sweet and faithful creatures on the planet. Why complain about them? Are these people that stressed out that they can’t handle their dogs following their natural instincts? Seriously work on correcting the problem rather than posting unfunny pictures on an idiotic website.

    • Shannon

      If my dog stressed me out, I wouldn’t have adopted the little hooligan. Shame on you for taking something funny and lighthearted and trying to make a case out of it. Focus on your own dogs, hopefully you’re nicer to them since you seem to be SUPER judgemental of your own kind.

  • Shannon

    If my dog stressed me out, I wouldn’t have adopted the little hooligan. Shame on you for taking something funny and lighthearted and trying to make a case out of it. Focus on your own dogs, hopefully you’re nicer to them since you seem to be SUPER judgemental of your own kind.

    • Sibyl

      Were only SUPER judgemental of idiots like you.

      • M

        I assume you mean “we’re”, not were. I ABHOR YOUR CRUELTY TO PUNCTUATION!

        See, some perspective is a good thing.

        So is actually explaining why you think you’re correct, instead of expecting people to agree with you just because you say so.

  • Itsjustme

    I only came onto this site cause a family member saw one of the dogs making a face like her dog and thought it was ‘hilarious’. I have a cat. I love both. No one is harassing the animals, they are making light of life situations. If you really take life that seriously, and have no sense of humour, spare us all and stay off of the internet. People who can’t laugh at life die younger than others.

  • Kim

    Pleeese… It is all in good fun. I have dogs and cats.. I think the site is cute and funny… And anyone who takes the time to do the “shaming” loves their pet and is sharing their “antics” with everyone and hoping to elicit a laugh from us.. and it works.

  • Carolyn

    Oh for goodness sake!! I cannot believe that people are up in arms over some cute/funny photos of pets on the internet!

    The humans who posted these photos DID NOT HARM THEIR BELOVED DOGS (or Cat)!. In fact, these photos prove that their ‘humans’ adore them, love them, and treat them as one of the family.

    All who are ‘morally outraged’ – I offer you the opportunity to work with me in the sex offences/child abuse unit of a local police station. I’ve done this for over 23 years. Prior to that, I worked as an investigator for the RSPCA. If you think that these photos of dog-shaming are absusive, then you have never in your life seen images or witnessed the act of true abuse to animals by their so called human pack members. Would you like me to post photos of the dog who had the lower halves of all four legs cut off – whilst the dog was alive? Or the Labrador who was beaten close to death then drowned by a prominent lawyer over here? Perhaps the Shetland pony which was dragged behind a car on Christmas day? Better yet, come and witness some of the child abuse images I study & investigate on a daily basis.

    These dogs are doing what comes naturally. The fact that those who are posting them are proudly displaying the mischief tells me that they consider these pets to be cute, adoreable, naughty, and have their own little personalities. None of these animals look abused (physically, or emotionally – yes there are tell tale expressions and body language).

    People lighten up. There are worse things in the world than photos of naughty dogs. Pull it back into perspective. America has larger issues with the homeless, your healthcare system (or lack of it), appalling literacy rates (as does Australia – even Cuba – where I’ve spent some time – has a higher standard of literacy), and those nutters who want to get into government and control women’s reproduction (Australia, NZ, the UK refer to Romney, Ryan, Akin, Santorum as the American Taliban).


  • meme

    Here’s an iphone app named “Shame on U” which allows you to create the picture and caption and submit directly to dog-shaming:


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