Does Skype Need To Go Open Source To Survive?

    March 23, 2005

So Skype is revolutionizing the world of VOIP and Telephony in general. With the launch of Skype-In last week where you can recieve calls to your Skype Software through a normal phone number …

… currently for 4 countries with plans to expand, businesses have the chance to save costs on handling internation calls in a big way.

Monopolies are Impossible on the Internet

At this moment, 2,3 Million people are logged in to Skype. From what i know, that sounds like a very very large set of all Voip users online at this moment. For Voip to really kick off though through the use of normal phones (Olympia Skype phones exists already) will the main engine for Skype have to be Open Source? If there is one thing that we’ve learnt from the internet, it’s impossible to have a monopoly on a internet service.

So the question now is, do Skype go open source, and live off the extra services, orr will we have to use a large set of different phones/programs to call different people as everyone and his brother launch similar services?

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