Does J.C. Penny’s Billboard Look Like Hitler?

    May 28, 2013
    Chris Richardson
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A J.C. Penny billboard appearing in California has been raising some eyebrows for the apparent similarity to one history’s most infamous characters. The news about the billboard, which is located around the 405 freeway near Culver City, in Southern California started making the rounds after it was popularized on Reddit, which was then referenced by an article in The Telegraph, which, in turn, also gained popularity on the aforementioned Reddit, as the story completed its Inception-like journey. The billboard in question appears in the lead image, and in the original Reddit that started it all, the post’s title says, “This Kettle looks Like Hitler.”

With that in mind, what say you? Can you see the resemblance? When asked about it on Twitter, the J.C. Penny account replied as follows:

While many people see the similarities–especially when the image is blurred–it seems like a bit of stretch. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped the topic from growing legs and jumping into the (fleeting?) world of Internet trends, especially on Twitter. Apparently, it was a slow work day back after all that Memorial Day fun. Whatever the case, if you happen to own one of these kettles–use the following image to correctly identify it:


And it starts annexing your cabinets for personal use, then perhaps the people who noticed the similarity were on to something.

  • misty

    I think we should stop all this nonsence its just a teapot and thats all it is. Your foolish to think that jcpennys would do something like that. If you think its Hitler then I think your the one with the problem. GET OVER IT………… THEIR SERIOUS ISSUES IN THE NEWS THAT SHOULD BE GETTING COVERAGE……..

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/chris-richardson Chris Richardson

      Um, just reading the headlines, there, Misty? đŸ˜‰

      “While many people see the similarities–especially when the image is blurred–it seems like a bit of stretch.”

      As for the newsworthy-ness, well, this IS the “Life” section of WebProNews…

  • Don

    Seriously. A tab bit silly I’d say. It does look a little like something Lego would create. Oh no time to stop selling Legos.