Does Google Instant Mark the End of SEO?

Google Instant Considerations for Search Marketing

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A reporter (I believe she was from AdAge) attending Google’s Q&A about Google Instant pointed out that the new search feature tends to favor big brands. This isn’t really surprising, as it is these brands that are more likely to be searched for most often. After all, they’re big because people know them. 

Do you think Google Instant is a threat to SEO? Share your thoughts.

iCrossing has a list of brands that come up when you enter each letter of the alphabet (not all are brands, but many are). A is for Amazon (not Apple), B is for Bank of America, M is for Mapquest (not Microsoft), N is for Netflix, P is for Pandora, V is for Verizon, and Y is for Yahoo. 

You must keep in mind, however, that the instant results are personalized. Google takes into account things like your location and your surfing habits when providing you results. 

Google Instant doesn’t necessarily make things any easier on small businesses, but it’s showing big brands in cases where Google probably would’ve suggested big brands anyway. If users do a lot of local searches, it’s possible that Google could show more local results (including small businesses) for those users, I’m speculating. 

Steve Rubel says that Google Instant makes SEO irrelevant. "Here’s what this means," he says. "No two people will see the same web. Once a single search would do the trick – and everyone saw the same results. That’s what made search engine optimization work. Now, with this, everyone is going to start tweaking their searches in real-time. The reason this is a game changer is feedback. When you get feedback, you change your behaviors."

He’s not wrong about that, but I’m not sure that makes SEO irrelevant. Google has been showing different results to different users for quite a while now. This is really just an extension of that. 

Businesses might want to try (and have other people try) doing searches for keywords that they would expect people to use to find their site. See what comes up (keep in mind the personalization) and work from there. Easier said than done no doubt, but it’s something to consider. Think about what kinds of people will be interested in your products and what other kind of searches they might be doing. It’s not a science, but again, perhaps something worth considering. It might mean getting to know your customers better, which can’ t be a bad thing anyway. Maybe it means asking them to take surveys. Maybe it doesn’t. 

The whole thing doesn’t help organic SEO’s case in the old SEO vs PPC debate. I’ll give Rubel that. 

Speaking of PPC, Google says Google Instant changes the way it counts impressions. "It’s possible that this feature may increase or decrease your overall impression levels," says Google’s Dan Friedman. "However, Google Instant may ultimately improve the quality of your clicks since it helps users type queries that more directly connect them with the answers they need."

Google Instant with Ads

Trevor Claiborne of the Google Analytics Team says that Analytics users might notice some fluctuations in AdWords impression volume and traffic for organic keywords. "For example, you may find that certain keywords receive significantly more or fewer impressions moving forward," he says. 

You should read this post on the Google Webamster Central blog. It says that impressions are measured in three ways: the traditional way, when a user clicks on a link that appears as they begin to type, and when a user stops typing, and the results are displayed for a minimum of 3 seconds.

Sidenote: Google’s Matt Cutts weighed in on the whole will Google Instant kill SEO thing. "Almost every new change at Google generates the question ‘Will X kill SEO?’ Here’s an video I did last year, but it still applies," he says.

He says, however that over time, it could change SEO. "The search results will remain the same for a query, but it’s possible that people will learn to search differently over time," says Cutts. "For example, I was recently researching a congressperson. With Google Instant, it was more visible to me that this congressperson had proposed an energy plan, so I refined my search to learn more, and quickly found myself reading a post on the congressperson’s blog that had been on page 2 of the search results."

Google Instant will likely become increasingly important to search marketing, because not only will it roll out to more countries (it’s starting in the U.S. and a select few others), but it will soon come to mobile and browser search boxes. Each of these factors will greatly increase how often Instant results are displayed. 

The mobile factor actually has implications for Google retaining a substantial amount of mobile searches in general. The better (and quicker) Google can give results on any kind of query, the less reason users have to go to different apps to acquire certain information. 

Google clearly said that ranking stays the same with Google Instant, but it will change the way people search. It will affect their search behavior, and that is what search marketers are going to have to think about more than ever. You should also consider that some people will simply deactivate the feature, leaving them open to Google’s standard results.

Tell us what you think of Google Instant. Do you like it or not? 

Does Google Instant Mark the End of SEO?
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  • Guest

    If anything this makes SEO even more important. The only change here is in user experience.

    • Chris Crum

      Good way of looking at it.

  • http://www.seoconcepts.net Jason Carrasco

    While it could influence how people search as far as seo goes i am slightly concerned about how it will affect ppc. Since Google outright said it will increase impressions and ctr is the main factor in quality score, will advertisers start to see their quality score go down as the impressions increase but actual clicks stays the same….

    • http://www.diethealthsite.com/slimmingbodywraps/ Slimming body wraps

      Thats real bad part about instant, the ppc side of things. I havent noticed any real effect on seo. I thought it would kill long tails but it hasnt. Just downed quality scores…

  • http://setroll.info S.E. Troll

    There is no way that Google Instant can kill SEO.

    Did anyone else hear Marissa Mayer state that they had already “tweaked” the engine 500 times this year? Add the current talk that already popular sites are getting more top results but every searcher is more likely to get different results to those 500 adjustments.

    Or, tell me what half of those adjustments were and when they went live.

    Google Instant can’t kill what is already dead. It’s dancing a mighty nice jig on SEO’s grave, however.

  • http://www.wrapyourselfslim.com Adam

    I agree, better user experience. In the end, it may help the searchers find what they are looking for more easily. What may have began as a broad term search could be narrowed down to specifically what they are looking for.

  • http://www.growingyourtomatoes.com Mike McLoughlin

    However the search method changes (and Google Instant is just what we used to call an Incremental Search) page ranking is core to the value of Google to searchers. And SEO is all about rank.

  • http://internetmarketing.ricklapoint.com/ Rick LaPoint

    I’ve been playing with Google Instant today and the first thing I see is that roughly half of the page is missing, and, it’s very easy/tempting to simply click on one of the few links that are visible, rather than eye-scan the entire page.

    I may not be on the top, but my links have received clicks, even though they were lower on the page. This could really change that.

  • http://www.AccountCardCredit.Com Dr. Altaf

    Will the new feature with Google Instant improve CTR & earnings for publishers or ROI for the advertisers? Any way Google always thinks innovative. Congrats!

  • http://www.shapirit.biz ????? ??????, ?????? ??????

    The answer at my point of view is – NO, but if google goes for a kind of directory listing, then we already have a good one it is called.. DMOZ

  • Waseem Nicola

    Instant Search will not kill SEO, but unlike other previous features, it will significantly require changing strategies for small and medium businesses. I believe this will make Longtail SEO much more relevant to SMBs.

    Until now, people used to type what they think is the most relevant search term and scan the 1st and, maybe, the 2nd page. Thought most of the traffic of a search query went to websites ranked in the first 3-5 places. Still, websites ranked in the bottm of the 1st page or anywhere on the 2nd page still got some sifinificant traffic.

    This new features changes the way people seek the relevant websites. Since the user can get instant feedback, many will not go under the fold. Rather, they will keep tweaking their results until the relevant info popes up.

    In my opinion, websites that until now ranked low on 1st page and anywhere on 2nd page will start seeing a siginificant decrease in traffic.

    this also makes Longtail SEO even more relevant now. This is the cost effective way for small to medium business to pop up at top results and in turn this kind of strategy will generate more traffic than it used to.

  • http://www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk Nathan

    Lots of controversy here. This is causing a real buzz in the SEO community. Not sure what the impact will be yet.

  • http://www.hireseoprofessionals.com Manish Rami

    Thank god SEO is still there after few years.. this video makes me happy.

  • http://blog.webpro.in Bharati Ahuja

    No Google Instant does not mark the end of SEO because as long as there is search people will work on their website to make them rank higher. Hence SEO and Search go hand in hand.

    With Google Instant the need and importance of SEO remains the same or infact is much enhanced as people would like to see their websites rank for all the possible predictions related to their terms and would surely be ranked in the first 3 of page 1.

    This should make the SEO industry flourish rather than perish. So SEO is not dead but has become more exciting and challenging.

  • Guest

    Regarding the SEO Irrelevance quote, Feedback is called stats, not just query reports. The proof will be in the numbers and if anything, SEO changes will be in how key-sentence structure is created to better mimic the prompts that users see when searching for your ranking targets.

  • http://www.purityringsonline.com Brandon

    This might be a long shot… but if Google instant increases the number of impressions on my Adwords ads (and potentially lowering my clicks), does that mean my quality score could drop?

    Brandon Young

  • Yo

    Guys, it is time to open your own anti-google forum. Those engineers at Google are going nuts. We need some type of organization to boycott Google in mass. Some type of union. Google is really bad news. It is time to start promoting other search engines. Do your part and tell the world to quit using Google. Read this too: http://www.webmasterworld.com/google/4137008.htm

    Google now is going to kill your referrer data. No more referrer keywords for you. Your site dead. The government needs to raid Google HQ and put those bastards in prison. Do your part. Tell a family member that using Google is no different than visiting an illegal site on the web. Tell them to use Bing and Yahoo.

    I think WPNs should visit webmasterworld more often and post real news, not this silly Facebook, Twiiter boring news. Webmasterworld.com is burning!

  • Koolaid

    How about we grow a pair and tell it like it is? This is a way to put brands front and center. No if ands or butts about it (you touched on it, but that’s the reality). What this means is an increasing dependency on PPC as that is what Google makes their $$ from. You can’t seriously expect MORE traffic from long tail keyword searches. Hell by the time they enter their 3rd word they have already seen 30 results, plus countless Paid results. How can search possibly get better unless you are a super power?

    By typing in a generic word such as travel, Google instant starts bringing up traveolocity…clearly that is a big problem if you aren’t them. If I started thinking about food and foodtown always popped into my head first, I’m more inclined to go there…even if I didn’t think about them at first.

    If you have inner pages for multiple word phrases I would say that traffic is going to dry up. It’s go very generic in your keywords or bust, as a person “dodging” 50 or so results just to click on your link isn’t looking too good.

  • Lauren S.

    As a Google user, I think it’s a fabulous idea. As part of a company that banks on SEO tactics, I think it flat-out sucks.

    But put this in your pipe and smoke it — as magazines and newspapers die in the wake of popular demand for more customization and personalization, we lose one of media’s oldest charms: Learning and discovering things we didn’t know we were interested in.

    Catch 22.

    • Stupidscript

      I’ve always wondered how the search engines will compensate for meatspace “window shopping” … and I mean “always” as in when I was still using Archie for search.

      When the average individual needs to type a phrase that describes what they want to find, they will ALWAYS get the lowest common denominators as suggestions.

      When a major search engine can incorporate more “accidental” discoveries, they’ve got my vote. Google’s “I Feel Lucky” has been a long-standing attempt at this, but it’s still driven by an immature algorithm, as are their regular search results.

      When online searching can be compared to offline searching in terms of surprise, delight and giving people what they were REALLY looking for, even when they do not know how to describe it, then we can start thinking of search engines as true research tools. Until then, they are works-in-progress, so don’t be too annoyed by experiments like Google Instant.

      It’s just an experiment. Breathe.

  • Jeffrey W. Foster

    Not at all!! SEO will actuall prosper. Just need to continue concentrating on Long tail and KW anchors!! the latter becoming more and more important!

  • AZDude

    The only people that like this are the techies.

    Save time, I think not.

    Stopping to look at the results after each letter typed instead of typing in your phrase and then looking is not saving time.

    Google likes to blow a lot of smoke about their new stuff just like Wave and Buzz and look what happened to those.

    Step away from the techies and webmaster and ask an average person if they like this and most will tell you no. Then tell them to use Bing since Bing is the search egine that now provides the cleanest layout and listings :)

    • Guest

      I totally agree.

      I tried searching with Google Instant, and it’s a pain for the most part. But well, they’re off to control what the user wants – Google’s mindgames and large dandy aims to conquer the world and how it behaves, for them to earn off of single digit dollars, click by click. The worst roll out ever by Google, so far. Difficult to use and so annoying.

      P.S.: SEO just became hard to even understand, let alone implement new things to rank higher. Screw the big G for this one.

  • Don

    Everything that I see Google doing seems to me to be another attempt to get more advertising dollars vis a vis Adword, etc. In my opinion, Google has ceased to be a serious search engine that keys on relevance, and is simply using their market monopoly to squeeze every buck out of the already inefficient little guy that they can.

  • Guest

    Having tried it, I don’t like it – but its easy to turn off!!

  • http://www.selfdefenseproductsflorida.com Cindy – Self Defense Products Florida

    I do believe this will hurt SEO for long tail keywords. Most of my 2 or 3 word tail keywords are in about the same ranking, more keywords than that, they are all over the place.

  • http://www.monasutherland.com Mona

    I’m gonna say no since:

    1:41 – Sergey Brin: “We want Google to be the third half of your brain.”

    1:50 – A few questions about SEO. Google’s response: nothing about rankings is changing. Over time, search behavior will probably change. Then SEO will have to adapt.

    From: http://www.businessinsider.com/google-search-event-live-2010-9#comment-4c89301b7f8b9af1751c0100#ixzz0z3prMvbC

  • http://www.monasutherland.com Mona

    At 0:46 of the video here http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2010/09/search-now-faster-than-speed-of-type.html she says, “I don’t even have to scroll…”

    I’m more frightened at our “laziness” than I am that SEO is going anywhere…

  • http://top-traffic-sites.blogspot.com Simon

    I think Google have messed up big time here. If Google Instant is benefiting the big brands, who do you think spend the most money on Adwords?

    As for SEO being dead, of course not. It’s just another challenge to wrestle with and the people who crack it will make a mint. See it as an opportunity.

    And of course, Google is not the only source of traffic, there are plenty of other ways to get website traffic, the internet is a big place.

    • Stupidscript

      If Google Instant is placing the Big Brands at the top of the organic results, how do you figure Google will make more from AdWords?

      You’re wrong. This will cost Google money, if your logic holds, because the Big Brands will rule the organics (hence the concern over “the Death of SEO”), and will DROP their PPC spend … meaning that, if your logic holds, this will COST Google Big Bucks.

      Any formula that replaces paid ads with free listings means LESS money for Google.

      Ahh … never mind … haters never change their opinion of Google no matter what the truth is. It’s a lot more fun to join the Chicken Little bandwagon.

      (“Evil Google Rules The World! And Rupert Murdoch Has Your Best Interest In Mind!”)

  • http://icreateofx.com Guest

    Google instant is probably a good thing and it definitely does NOT signal the end of SEO. To rank in the google index for your keywords, you still need some level of on-page optimization, however, I think that the timing of the instant rollout has been blurred by a (I strongly suspect from my sites’ metrics) commensurate algorithm / rank update not dissimilar to the Mayday update. For all intents and purposes, this has hoodwinked most analysts into concentrating on the “instant” effect and not realising that a significant cause of the instant results is due to the algorithm update. (case in mind is the argument that “instant” favours big business).

    Can we try and extract some “ownership” from google to the algorithm /rank update?

  • http://www.connecticutplastics.com Michele Larocque

    We’re not happy about it. We have a B2B website, and we have and WANT customers from all over the world. And of course, we have competitors, all over the world. We pay good money for SEO optimization and we try to outbid our competitors in Google Ad Words. Some of our keywords sell for $4. So when Google offers “local search” results, to a potential customer, our site may not show up. It is not fair. But why am I not surprised. That’s Google for ya. Making money, while treating their good customers like trash. Far as I am concerned, Google Instant, is only good for people with I-phones, looking for pizza!

  • http://www.htmlcut.com Alex

    …what is it – a real enhancement of user experience and/or problem for SEO or just a fad.

  • http://www.weddinghorses.com/ Steve

    Hey Google. Well done. The instant search dropdown results bring up the highest paid ads if one is ignorant enough to go to that page.

  • http://www.admain.co.uk AdMainiac

    That you can switch if off.

    Google must have too many people with nothing to do.

    I fear that people will not like the search bar doing their thinking for them.

    As soon as the initial hoopla dies down it is just going to get plan annoying.

    And your average person who works in a factory, or a shop or doesn’t have to sit at a PC all day, HAS to look at the keyboard while they are typing sp probably won’t notice anyway.

    The beauty of Google used to be simplicity. A plan layout, fast results and no spam.

    This is just annoying.

    I just hope it goes the way of Wave abnd Buzz, two other pretty useless services.

    Bing and Yahoo can be quite happy today.

  • Guest

    No, I don’t think so for the most part.
    Honestly, I tried it and I also don’t like it. I get migraines from things flashing quickly; and as I type what I am searching for in the screen constantly flashes as it is changing the results. I sure won’t be using it.

  • http://www.jacksononthemoon.com sharonj

    Since a significant number of searches are for the telephone number of the local hairdresser and where in town can I get a new lock cut, I don’t think this will make that much of a difference. We don’t have it in Canada yet, but when it comes, I will likely turn it off since I will probably find it as irritating as one of the other commenters previous.

    I cannot see how it would affect SEO, but yes, I can see it affecting people who pay for AdWords. Has Google shot off its foot here??

  • http://wesavemoney4u.com Mike

    I definitely do not like Instant. It, like other programmer attempts to read our minds, is actually a pain in the ass. It’s like when you hover underlined words in articles, for example. Whether I want it or not a window pops up giving me information I never asked for. Why? Because sometimes I am looking for legitimate links to click on so I am moving around the article with my mouse and invariably hit one of those “fake” links and it drives me nuts. Franl;y, I DON’T NEED THAT MUCH HELP WHEN I’M ON THE INTERNET AND I WISH THE INTERNET MOGULS WOULD QUIT TRYING TO TELL ME WHAT IS GOOD FOR ME. Trust me…I can make that decision on my own.

    • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

      I love the spelling corrections, that helped me keep my query direction in ind instead of worrying about typos and the like, but predicting what you think I want is a distraction if it will be toward the man with the most advertising dollars. I have found smaller companies to give far more valuable information than the big companies, who spend most of their time beating their own drum instead of helping you find better subject insight or detailed information about that which you seek. But then, that’s just me. Or is it?

      Google? Are you listening?

      Drop the popularity contest and give us relevancy!

      We can get that crap on Bing and Yahoo.
      Do you forget why people flocked to you in the first place?

  • https://www.canadaseopro.ca Todd Herman

    Is this some kind of joke? All this does is increase our backlink costs.

    Cutts himself said,

    “Google clearly said that ranking stays the same with Google Instant, but it will change the way people search. It will affect their search behavior, and that is what search marketers are going to have to think about more than ever. You should also consider that some people will simply deactivate the feature, leaving them open to Google’s standard results.”

    This is the perfect reason to increase my backlink prices asap, lol.

    See you on top, Todd.

  • http://powertofightthebigboys.com Doug Stewart

    I think this makes it more important to create content for long tail keyword phrases. If a person was going to do a search for a more generic phrase and Google Instant offers a more relevant, long tail keyword phrase, what happens? What about small biz websites ranked for one keyword like “furniture” or “printers”? SEO won’t die. It’ll just get a longer tail http://bit.ly/c8kGbd

  • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

    I see the same trend all over the country, not just with Google.

    Like Hillary Clinton once said: “The government knows better how to spend your money then the people do.” And here, once again, the lazy and ignorant are fed more pablum (predigested information) so they don’t have to think, read or type clearly what they are looking for, Google will do it for them. The dumbing-down of the people is already a resounding success, we don’t need Googles help to promote it.

    Unfortunately, they are trying to compete with Bing, and a little with Yahoo, and we end up with a social network, or YouTube directories based on popularity, or advertising budgets, instead of destination relevancy. Google has forced little industries that do not improve what a directory is all about. Why should we have to buy thousands of back links to get a favorable ranking? If we sell a product, there won’t be any links to us, as the best links would come from our competitors, and they certainly are not going to link to us any more than we are going to link to them.

    I am tired of the games these new rules force us to play just to get where Google will rank us, rather than provide a better web site or information for the customer. That, as being relevant to the search is far more important than a popularity contest, and we all know what the guy with the biggest wallet can do to anyone he wants to eliminate as his competition.

    The internet was a refreshing change from the most-dollars-wins game outside the internet, but it is looking more and more to going that way again. This means the little guy is getting hosed again, in favor of big-business, just what everyone has promised they were doing, helping the little guy, and not the corporations. They say one thing for our attention, then do the opposite. So what’s new?

    The Internet used to be such a nice place……

  • http://www.seowebexpert.co.uk Dave Wales

    Google seems to think it owns the Internet. Sure, they currently have a monoploy on search. Lets just all hope that Bing and Yahoo can sort things out and really challenge Google.

    Long tail keywords will definitely become more important with instant search as users target more specific phrases.

    I can’t see it making too much difference to SEO as it stands. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    From a personal and no business point of view, I don’t like it. I like to be in control of my searches and also like a nice and simplistic interface.

    • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

      The more Google does our thinking for us, the majority will be typing in things like “I need food”, or “show me porn”, instead of learning how to formulate their queries in an intelligent and accurately descriptive fashion. How do you SEO that trend? Well, the way Google is going, you will need to spend a lot of money on childish long-tail keywords and urls. But they will get shorter as the dweebs they encourage and attract will eventually be lucky to formulate a three word query. Just what we need, promotion of lazyness and ignorance. More specific? HAH! Google is giving us all a lobotomy. Sorry, I want more links, unlike Bing promotions (in Spanish). Do you see a trend here? Are the “Elite” infiltrating our beloved Google too?

      • http://valkrum.com Valkrum

        I was thinking this today when I was checking up on a couple of keywords. With google throwing all kinds of suggestions into the search area, people will quickly forget what it was they were about to search for.

        So much for finding out about new and unique products. I really don’t like instant search at all, and that is not even coming from an SEO perspective. I can’t stand when application move around before I tell them to. I would love to say that I am going to be turning instant search off, but I am going to need to find out what words pop up in the suggested search while my potential customers are trying to find my product.

        So much deep searches. Instant search just made us all a little more retarded.

    • Stupidscript

      1) Google certainly does not have a monopoly on anything. You mention Bing and Yahoo (er … no more Yahoo, by the way … just Bing). Competition? Definitely. Monopoly? Hardly. It’s like saying Apple has a monopoly on the smartphone market simply because more people choose iPhones than choose any other single brand. People love Google. People use Google. Google isn’t the first search engine. They are just what people measure all other search engines against … they are the Market Leader, not a Monopoly.

      2) You do realize that you are not being forced to use Google Instant? And that if you choose to try it, and don’t like it, you can switch back to using plain old Google with a single click of your mouse button? Lots of people have done exactly that. In fact, I’ve heard more negative comments about Instant than positive comments, so it’s pretty likely that, in fact, this will have NO impact on SEO or on anything else because MOST people simply won’t use it.

      We agree that we’ll just have to wait and see. No amount of prognostication can help, here.

  • Joe

    I wish Google would get over them selves and give everybody a break.

  • http://www.thisweekinrelevance.com dave

    While there may be an initial boost that comes from being that lucky (or ubiquitous) brand that has its results displayed on that first typed character, we don

    • http://www.madeinusa.org JRBeaman

      Maybe the suggestions will only come from the guy that spends them most money?
      Relevancy be damned, SEO will become a race of the dollars, like politics, and have little to do with describing what you really have to offer the buyer. It’s just another form of lying, IMHO. And this trend will promote it.

  • http://www.freearticlesmix.com Bach

    I think the most important on search engines was and always should be fresh content, so I just hope google did think about that when they did the upgrade :)

  • http://highdesignuniform.com Guest

    I don’t know what you are all talking about, my google toolbar been playing that instant search for quite a while and I noticed that it remembers my searches and goes from there. For example, if my search start with an I and I completed the search, whenever I go back to do another search starting with an I, it assumes that I am searching for the same search. Now that’s a mouth full, please do not ask me to repeat…lol.

  • http://www.airporthotels.com Airport hotels

    As has been said, this increases PPC revenues from big brands who are willing to spend on PPC. Google is a business and as such is out to make money. People moan about it but if it were your business, what would you do?

  • Guest

    Google is not the only search engine in the world and i wish more people understood that and did not bow down to the big boys so much.

    Start Page search engine does not record your activity.

  • http://www.kinkymio.com Adults Toys

    I too think that it will just increase the need for SEO.

    I hope so any way as I’ve only just got a job as an SEO in london! I don’t want to be out of work already.

  • http://www.LokkeAdvertising.com Don Lokke

    Even when search engines are 100% paid position advertising and we will just be managing the allocation of search advertising budgets against the competition.

  • http://www.ncmediaweb.com NC Media We

    Yahoo has had instant search for a while, as does Facebook. This is Google competing with Facebook but also adding a feature that people can use. Seems the searches are more detailed as well so SEO will really factor along with quality.

  • http://mylegitimatehomebasedbusinesses.net/ Ronald Redito

    Although their FAQ page states that this change does not impact the ranking of search results, I am not satisfied.

    The moment you type the first three letters, it would show up the established websites targeting those keywords. So there is high probability that user will be intrigued to click on those URLs. Even personally in SEO industry, I was tempted to click on the results as you type.

    This update would be favorable to big and established company but will eventually kill and will put to waste the efforts of start up companies in the process of establishing their keyword shares.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCTz_ihVzdw Amelia

    This makes our SEO much easier if you ask me, as you can now see what users will search for most and you can adjust your sites to match, They did this for the users not to get upset webmasters or small business, This doesn’t go for big businesses as such it’s always about links and PR. Thanks for the info.

  • Guest

    It does favor the big corporate accounts, and in my opinion defeats the whole purpose of a search engine. I don’t need a search engine to find for example Amazon…. I use a search engine in order to find CHOICES and alternatives to the ‘big box’ brands. I am looking for content based results not brand name based results. I am switching my search engines. And may even start pulling off the google gadgets from my site. So far bing does not seem to have those options, but I bet they soon will especially since now it seems they and yahoo and teaming up.

  • http://www.ibsi-us.com IT Support Tampa

    I think the fact that Google is constantly improving the searching capabilities clearly proves that the SEO is not going anywhere for at least 10-15 years

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