Does Google Index Dynamic Pages?

    April 1, 2003

Is it posible to index in Google a dynamic page like the ones you have in your site? For example: I developped a Content Management System that creates dynamic menus and pages and each link of each item of the menu point to a category of articles and each title of each article points to the entire article using its number like this: (category No.17, sorry it is in spanish) (article No. 16)

If I submit the above URLs to Google, will they be indexed?

Thanks in advance for your answer.
Best Regards,
Alfredo Cueto
Astur Sistemas, C.A.


Absolutely, Google does index those pages. In fact, Google has crawled every page on my Inside Out Marketing site. So have Inktomi and FAST. Dynamic pages aren’t a problem for search engines, as long as the URL doesn’t change. The example you gave in your question should not present any problems to search engine spiders.

As for whether or not you should submit them, I don’t really think that’s necessary for Google, as long as they can find the pages by crawling from your home page. Once they know your site is there, they will crawl it regularly.

The main thing you’ll want to work on is getting some other sites to link to yours, by submitting to directories and swapping links with related sites of high quality. This will encourage Google’s spider to come back more often, but more importantly these links will bring in traffic on their own.

You can also use Apache’s mod_rewrite (there is a similar module for IIS as well) to eliminate the “?” and “&” from your URLs altogether. This is sometimes done as a security precaution, to prevent the names of script variables from being displayed in the URL.

Some content management systems, discussion forums, and shopping carts use a “session” variable in the URL, and this can prevent these pages from being indexed. The alternative solution in this case is usually to use cookies for session management.

The content management system I’m using for Inside Out Marketing is called Ionpanel ( Ionpanel generates everything dynamically, including the navigation menu. I’ve seen a lot of sites that are using this software, and none of them seems to have a problem getting crawled by the search engines.

Dan Thies

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