Dodgers Fan Dies After Parking Lot Knife-Fight

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A disagreement became violent between several Dodgers/Giants fans on Wednesday night after the game at AT&T Park, and now a 24-year old man is dead.

Authorities say they believe at least ten people were involved in the altercation and have detained three of those; sadly, Dodgers fan Jonathan Denver was pronounced dead at San Francisco General Hospital from stab wounds. Police say they aren't sure yet whether the fact that Denver was a Dodgers fan played a role in the altercation.

The violent incident happened just days after a three-day fundraiser for Giants fan Bryan Stow, who suffered severe head injuries in 2011 after a brutal fight following a game in L.A. Even after rehabilitation, Stow--a father of two--was left with physical issues and memory loss.

Due to the tragic death, officials are debating adding extra security to tonight's game.

“We’re obviously very concerned about the situation and trying to understand exactly what happened," Giants spokesperson Staci Slaughter said.

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