Do You Respect DMOZ After 11 Years?

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DMOZ has now officially been around for 11 years. AOL is honoring this birthday with a blog post on the AOL Search Blog. It says:

From its humble beginnings 11 years ago, DMOZ has grown to be the largest human-edited directory on the Web. Today, on the websites anniversary, we take a look at DMOZ’s influence on the web.

Before there were specialized search engines, like job seekers, there was DMOZ. Today, contributors still take the time to sort through web content and organize listings into helpful categories on a wide spectrum of topics. The online community has grown such a large directory of information that thousands of search engines still rely on the focused site listings.

Unfortunately for the well-known directory, its 11th year hasn’t exactly been the greatest. I talked about this in a recent article. Unique visitors (and visits in general) have fallen significantly in a year’s time.

Unique visitors

Unique Visitors



"There are numerous ways that people get information from the web. Depending on the circumstances, some people begin by using search engines such as Google, AOL, Yahoo and MSN; at other times, a directory-based approach such as the one DMOZ offers may provide the better path to the desired information," says Emily Kayser on the DMOZ Blog.

Her words echo a similar post from a while back, when DMOZ was looking for a little "R-E-S-P-E-C-T." A common theme among WebProNews reader comments was that they need to give a little respect to get respect themselves. Many feel that they just don’t get responses from the site’s editors, and are unable to get their sites listed. So suffice it to say, not everybody is as excited about DMOZ’s birthday as DMOZ is. Here’s a recent tweet for example:

DMOZ turns 11

Is this fair though? It will be interesting to see whether or not DMOZ can pull itself out of the slump it has found itself in. They are actively looking for editors, in fact calling for them on the birthday blog post. Perhaps YOU can help DMOZ get a little respect.

What do you think about DMOZ after 11 years? What has it done well? Where does it need to improve? Tell us what you think.

Do You Respect DMOZ After 11 Years?
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  • http://www.free-speed-reading.com/ Free Online Speed Reading Test

    Unfortunately now they have a Craigslist-like approach to introducing new websites. If they were to be just a little bit open to new sites joining their ranks, then they’d probably see more visitors. As it stands, they haven’t updated some categories for more than a year, and moderators are not allowing hardly any new sites. One of the categories I frequent had one addition in the past 6 months alone.

  • http://www.sitemakers.co.uk Geoff Jackson (zigojacko)

    If there is one directory worth getting listed in these days, it is DMOZ. Other than this, directories have so very little value now that in most cases it’s hardly worth bothering with.

    The issue with DMOZ though is that is hasn’t progresses, it hasn’t moved on, it hasn’t adapted to latest web trends and web 2.0 standards and still looks like a complete piece of $h1t that it did 11 years ago!!

    With all the value that DMOZ has, I feel it’s pretty shocking that no-one has bothered to update the site, it’s stats could be increasing and it could be an amazing directory with the data it contains but as things go, their traffic is falling and will continue to do so until eventually it will be just a complete waste of space on the internet.

    Over the past three years, I have attempted to list numerous websites in DMOZ, to this day, not one of them are listed in the directory, I’m not even convinced that any of the editors even work on it anymore, it seems you have to become an editor yourself to get anywhere and even then it has to be some tiny obscure category that you have no interest in anyway.

    11th birthday and I can’t see that many will be celebrating it! Heh

  • http://www.sean-phillips.net Minnesota Entertainers

    I submitted my website to DMOZ approximately 76 years ago. I haven’t received any response of any kind from them. And from what I’ve heard, having your emails ignored by the staff at DMOZ is pretty much the normal experience, not the exception to the rule.

    I understand that they’re probably busy and get lots of submissions, but the way DMOZ seems to treat applicants is extremely tacky. If you aren’t going to even respond to applicants, much less actually accept them, then don’t invite people to apply, you idiots.

    I have to admit that seeing DMOZ flounder is giving me some hardcore schadenfreude.

  • Internet Geek

    Everyone now knows that Dmoz is history. They don’t update thier listings. Half of the links that are on their site is non-working. I just placed a bid at godaddy’s auction on a domain name that is listed in dmoz.

    Everyone also knows that if you attempt to contact the staff at dmoz using the link provided at the website – ( dmozteam@aol.com ) it comes back invalid. It has been invalid for some time now.

    Regardless where you look and read on the internet, You hear that “DMOZ” either “sucks” or “Dead” which appears to be the truth. This leads me to believe that it was true about them shutting down several months back.

    I can tell you from my own personal experience that at one time – DMOZ was great! (Back in early 2000) however things have changed now. Since then, I have attempted to list 22 sites with them. All original content, Original programming – Some sites have been featured on National News (NBC, CBS and FOX) however, Dmoz doesn’t seem to value sites which help people or provide real content to anyone anymore. (The sites are all non-profit)

    The person editors of these are ” lavendergreen ” and ” melodyvargas ” neither of them will answer my email, nor email from news sites like CNN. They continue to ignore adding new content to the directories that they are over and fail to review the links that are listed in their directory.

    DMOZ is Sad!

  • http://hagenoey.com/ Hagen O.

    Frankly, no one ever used it nowadays. With a listing that is hardly updated and stuck-up administrators, it is getting less and less useful by today’s ever changing Internet landscape.

    As a matter of fact, the only thing keeping it alive is because Google uses its database for its’ own directory listing pages.

    so, 11th pathetic birthday, DMOZ!

  • http://clickh.net/ clickH

    …at other times, a directory-based approach such as the one DMOZ offers may provide the better path to the desired information,”
    seriously? how many people (excluding, obviously, webmasters and the type of folk who read webpronews and tech sites) have heard of DMOZ these days? I mean the (for want of a better word) “man/woman in the street” – who certainly knows what google is, and yahoo, and of course facebook but… DMOZ?

  • http://souravs.corexprts.com Sourav

    Yes I do respect dmoz.In fact this is the only single directory which I love.But yes there are other directories also like botw and yahoo directory but Dmoz is my favorite.

  • http://cowetafayetteinfo.com Coweta Fayette Real Estate facts and Info

    I started submitting some sites over three years ago. These are quality, PR3 sites and higher, and despite numerous attempts, none are in the directory.
    From a user site, how could I respect a directory that I know is not adding good, time tested sites? It’s more of a lottery than a directory.

  • http://www.a1website.homestead.com On-Line Since: 1987

    You just can’t find a better way to waste your time than requesting a listing on DMOZ … Try it, you’ll see what I mean … They are understaffed with a bunch of wanna be’s that enjoy causing frustation to the masses … A unique class of useless people that volunteer to do absolutely, possitively nothing at all.

    • http://www.free-article-info.com Guest

      I agree….DMOZ is S*&t….

    • http://www.go-to-spain.com Angela Bennett

      I most certainly do NOT respect DMOZ! After having been told about 6 years ago that it was THE PLACE to get listed – I and a friend tried it for our websites, and absolutely nothing happened! No response at all, and no listings. Both these websites at the time were on the first page of Google for a lot of fairly general search terms to do with property for sale in Spain and France, and both were very successful in attracting property buyers. You are told not to re-apply and that you might have to wait several months for a listing. We are still waiting after 6 years. So what is there for us to respect?

  • Guest

    For me it’s a pathetic and arrogant bunch of idiots doing nothing useful for the Internet. If you submit your site, even after following every single rule, you’ll never get listed. I think DMOZ (also called the Open Directory Project) is full of corrupted editors serving their own and their friends interests only. Google should be ashamed, because they give so much weight to sites that are indexed in this directory. Why don’t we close it down ?

  • David Alan

    DMOZ is just another paid directory from what I see, you have to line a moderators pockets with a little cash to make it into the directory. I’ve seen several sites that are very spammy make it into the dmoz directory which could only make it if someone was paid off.

  • Cursor_

    The Open Directory Project has been broken for many years. I was an editor for a while on there and their system for watching your work is idiotic.

    When I tried to be honest about the sites I was told that it didn’t meet the standards. When I left those spam-keyword descriptions left by people that wanted to be included, I heard NOTHING from the overloards that be.

    So right there I knew that true search was not their goal. All they wanted was DMOZ to come up to keep it in peoples’ minds. Even if it was rife with sales pitches and not actual descriptions of what you would find on the site.

    ODP is as relevant now as Finger, Gopher and Text-Only Browsers.

    It has overstayed its welcome by six years.


  • http://www.bastay.com Buenos Aires Stay

    I have two websites both around since 2005. www.buenosairesstay.com and www.bastay.com, I submit both every 12 months and they are never listed,
    I am very careful to ensure that my listings meet criteria and now find that I am not alone – it seems that a trickle of my smaller competitors find their way in

  • http://www.2prayer.com Prayer Requests

    for five years now, there has been absolutely no movement forward that I can see. No rock-solid aged sites submitted ever get listed of even responded to.
    It has truly killed itself with non-responsive behavior.
    too bad.

  • Mark

    In 2003 I launched my website and trying to find ways let people know was difficult. I spent ages reading the terms and rules for dmoz all to know avail. The editors are like the workers at British Leyland……asleep on the job.

    It is absolutely rubbish and I can’t see why you would want to be listed on it as when do you ever see results returned

    Shame really but things have moved on dmoz hasn’t

  • http://www.asset-protection.articlesmymoney.com Asset Protection Information

    Why does WebProNews keep bringing up this subject?

    That is the big question.
    DMOZ… Who the heck nowadays cares about them.

    You have a frozen day in hells chance of getting listed with them.
    It’s always been that way.

    Doesn’t matter how good the quality of your site.
    Even when you properly categorize your site.
    Your chances are like none to none…

    DMOZ sucks….

  • http://www.suburbandoghouse.com Kelly

    We recently listed but have yet to get notification that we will actually appear. I’m wondering if we even will, unless we pay. You’re right, many other directory sites are starting to appear.

  • http://www.btechpcrepair.com B-TECH Computer Repair

    I got a 0 PR site listed in DMOZ after only 2 1/2 months. I was also approved as an editor 3 weeks later. It took a few weeks for my site to become searchable due to some database error they were having.

    It is searchable now, but I only show in a search for my company name. If someone searches for “computer repair” (which by the way is the only set of keywords I can find my site with) I show up about 42 pages from the top. I suppose this will increase eventually increase my PR a little more, but as far as people finding me in the directory I have little faith at all.

    In the month that my site has been searchable, I have gotten two hits one of which I am certain was the editor who initially reviewed it. I would suppose if you have a niche site, you might get some traffic, otherwise, seems DMOZ is only good for increasing (hopefully) page rank.

  • http://www.child2000.org Guest

    DMOZ likes to claim that it cares about its listings and selects appropriate and worthy sites. Well, it isn’t so. We are a 37 year-old non-profit working (among other things) with three Attorneys General, having received over a million dollars of Kellogg Foundation funding and with numerous corporate supporters, and now developing a national health information project.

    We have tried to have several ancillary and related sites we developed within our non-profit projects listed on DMOZ. It just doesn’t happen. We sent over a dozen e-mails into the general opeartion asking for a contact and a review of the situation. Not a single reply at all to any of them.

    One has to question who and what DMOZ thinks it is when it ignores a legitimate, decades-old, vetted, and nationally-worthy site and fails to even reply to questions.

    I once respected the site and the model. It has proved to be a huge disappointment

    G. Beker
    VP & Chief Communications Officer

    P.S. Feeel free to contact me, DMOZ

  • http://www.pickmygift.com Rita Perdue

    I sell retail home decor. I started my business in 2003. By 2004, I finally got listed in DMOZ and business was not so bad, I had a PR-4. Then after a decision to add a couple of products (less than 15 items out of 700 that I offer) DMOZ removed me because they said my content was no longer ‘original’ or unique because of this ‘common’ product.

    My whole site is ‘original’ and totally unique! There was no appeal process, no other human to determine the absurdity of logic used by some editor and my PR dropped to a 2. All right before Christmas shopping season in 2007! That’s 3-1/2 years in DMOZ ended by a jealous competitor that had become an editor in their spare time and thus given the power to eliminate their competition by getting them removed from DMOZ! Well, what comes around surely goes around.

    What amazes me even more is the ‘importance’ Google places on a site being listed in DMOZ when determining its PR value. We should hold Google responsible for allowing DMOZ to grow to the point (in attitude) to believe they are GOD. They are not. If DMOZ was really good, they would be FAIR!

  • http://www.yain.com Edward Han

    Back in those days, DMOZ had great respect by many people on the web. But now, it is gone. Remember back in time, we felt proud to get into DMOZ and it was well respected. It is a challenge to most webmasters to put their links in DMOZ.

    But after such a long time, I personally believe it is no longer held much respect and value. So sad that it has come to this situation.

  • http://www.novo-marketing.com clickmagnet

    I used to be an editor in DMOZ in the early years. At that time, the mission was to get “experts” in their field to weed out the spammy/garbage sites and supply visitors with quality content in their search results.

    Well, the mission would have worked except that we are human after all and not everyone who applied to be an editor had honorable intentions. I had to submit websites to the “Main Content Editor” who never approved a website that was in direct competition with his. After 6 months of this, I quit.

    I don’t even think about DMOZ anymore.

  • http://www.sundreamhomes.pt Amelia

    For 5 years I have tried to get my site listed on DMOZ and I have never even heard back from them.
    The funny thing is that many of my competitors with sites that have lower rankings, less original content and which are just less ethical in general, are listed.
    I have wondered if the editor of my category could be one of my competitors and that is why I have been “blocked out”? I applied to become an editor but also heard nothing back.
    In my opinion DMOZ is downright rude and being run by the masses with little structure or control, was bound to fail.
    DMOZ is a dying phenomena as far as I can see.

    • http://www.freshwebz.co.uk Freshwebz cheap web design

      I’ve been working in web design & affiliate marketing for over 5 years & in that time, don’t believe I have ever got a site into DMOZ, despite also noticing my rivals seem to have managed!
      I can understand the need for editors, to be able to control what is placed in the directory (just look at the mess that is Wikipedia for an example of uncontrolled input) & that there may be a huge amount of sites to work through, but 5 years without a response, or a single success has got to mean that NOTHING is actually happening on this site any more!
      What is worrying is whether Google still places greater importance to links from the directory – if it does, then those that got listed when it WAS still active, have an unfair advantage over everyone else!
      I’ve gone through the submission rules with a fine tooth comb a number of times, yet still none of my sites get included & without feedback, I’ve just given up & don’t even think of trying any more……I’d rather spend my time on articles & article submissions!

  • Guest

    As everyone else has said DMOZ used to be the #1 place to get listed, arrogance, idiocy and downright prejudices from those running it have killed it.
    I’m surprised why we waste anytime discussing it – why would anyone even use it to find anything as it contains a mere fraction of what is available on the ‘net
    Bye bye DMOZ, fold your tent and go quietly into the night please!

  • http://www.seosean.com Guest

    I’ve been tring to get listed on DOMZ for over a few years now. It’s ridiculous, what does one have to do in order to get listed? Well, I’ve pretty much just given up on listing there.

  • Mr Smackdown

    The dmoz should be bronzed and put in the Smithsonian. The very idea of a human-edited directory is nonsense. How could that be done?? Newsflash: The internet is a big, fluid, dynamic, moving target.

    Multiple algorithm-edited directories – not just one giant monolithic “Google God”, is the only true path to righteousness my friends.

  • http://www.speyside.net Guest

    Way back then you had to be listed in DMOZ but I have to agree with what most people in this forum are saying. It was good but checking web site visitor results for DMOZ directory search engines it appears no one ever uses it!

    It was a nice idea at the time but we have stopped worrying about being listed in DMOZ because when you ask people which search engine you use the answer is it’s usually google. Our SEO efforts now concentrate on the main search engines and some specialised directories. DMOZ no longer matters!

    Maybe someone can turn it around?

  • http://igraphix.eu/ iGraphix Studio

    DMOZ is not a web directory anymore, for me is just a farmlink. First 3-4 years was okay, then it became the most annoying discussion subject: “Are you on DMOZ?”

    No, I’m not, I’ve submitted many websites many times, just two of them (in 6 years) were accepted.

    I’m an SEO expert working for many European companies and some of their counselors asked me why their websites are not on DMOZ. What do you think I answered? I submitted the websites, but the rest is up to DMOZ. I believe all of us can make a difference between the categories of DMOZ and type a 30 words description. But the geniuses from DMOZ believe that we can’t do that, they don’t even tell you what was your mistake.

    This is what I sense coming from DMOZ direction: total lack of communication with the customers, arrogance, corruption.

    I do not include all people working for them, but more than 90% are simply just editors who got a warm place there and now they believe they make the law. That’s pretty stupid, because you don’t need DMOZ to rank high.

    DMOZ is out of my attention from many years and it will remain there until they change. Doesn’t DMOZ have a sponsor or 1000 EUR to change that lousy 90’s design? Doesn’t not DMOZ have opportunities to develop the platform? Oh, yes they have, but the money are in the accounts of the guys on Freelancer.com promising a certain listing on DMOZ for 200 EUR. Oh, yes!

    Someone should clean this farm named DMOZ, the pigs are taking control.

  • http://den-i.co.cc Den

    I listed my sites on DMOZ on several occasions, it’s over a year now and my sites not added to the directories.

    That’s how they treat small websites and we’re merely a ‘Small Fries’ to them.

    Other websites heavily funded and worth millions got listed instantly.

  • NotHappyWithDMOZ

    DMOZ might as well be put out to pasture.

    I’ve been in the design industry for over 15 years. I run respected sites.

    I’ve submitted sites to DMOZ. My colleagues in the design industry have submitted sites. My friends have submitted sites. My clients have submitted sites. I’ve even put my name forward to help out. All were turned down.

    DMOZ is inefficient, outdated, and pretty much useless (well, except as a top discussion).

  • ted

    DMOZ is a joke

  • Guest

    sucks, its been 2-3 years i ve applied, still nothing.
    and my portal has something like 100k uniques per month.
    i deserve to be listed arent i?

    kill it

  • http://potpolitics.com John Sullivan

    Ah who cares about that lame ass site :)

  • Ron

    I detest DMOZ. I have run a retail website since 1998 and have tried 12-15 times over the years to get our site listed and they never list it.

    Makes me so angry. I see crap websites getting listed, but my companies website isnt allowed. Been in business over 10 years, am a small size, family run business, incorporated with several employees and do 1,000,000+ in sales a year (a REAL business) and yet we are not good enough for DMOZ??

  • Dmoz listed

    I cant see what all the fuss is about, I have 5 websites listed in DMOZ and one website listed twice, havent really seen much difference in traffic and PR seems to be the same.

    But I do respect the fact that DMOZ havent introduced “Pay for Clicks” or “Pay to get listed quick” schems like other search engines, these guys still seem to have kept their morals.

  • http://www.dataplus-svc.com DataPlus Data Entry Services

    I have tried for several years to get listed in DMOZ with no response. We have been in business for over 15 years and have some major clients. My website is not spammy and a PR 3. No response from DMOZ ever.

    Seems like DMOZ has a lot of influence and little responsibility.

  • Da

    As a small operator I had been told the weight of importance to be listed on dmoz. I have submitted my site 5 times in 3 years. They say you must wait 6-months to a year before resubmit. What a joke. They don’t write you why, they don’t say try again. They don’t say anything. You can’t even submit a question to them or they axe you forever (As I have been told through blogging). May your next birthday be just as unsuccessful as your last dmoz.

  • http://wagerwitch.blogspot.com WagerWitch

    I’m in the Online Casino Promotions Field – and being in that field is very DIFFICULT for the “Little Guy”.

    I tried for years to get listed in DMOZ – and tried many things – until, finally I gave UP.

    I then did something unique – I went to the DMOZ forum where I got quite the EYE Opener:


    Please scroll to the top and read the entire forum post.

    DMOZ is NOT what you – or I – think it is. No… It’s something completely different.

    What started out as a human directory – well… is exactly that. A human directory.


    There is NO RHYME or REASON… no valuable information – it’s just whom one person chooses over another – whenever they feel like adding it in.

    I see links that are absolutely worthless, yet other links that could be valuable are not listed.

    And I’m not just talking about Gambling sites folks. I’m talking about worldwide sites.

    I have talked to many other webmasters on many different types of forums.

    DMOZ is NOT for the people – and in fact – I don’t even think DMOZ is worth the time of day.

    Tout it all you want – it’s a worthless, outdated CLicquey group of people who do what they want, when they want to — AND they admit it openly.

    Please take a look at the responses I was given.

    And see if you’d want YOUR site listed on DMOZ…

    As IF they would bother LOOKING at YOUR site…

    Have a splendid day!

  • http://www.cheapflights-to.com/ Kevin kostan

    They must inform about site’s rejection to the webmaster that why that site is rejected or what is its status…
    I think that is the top question about DMOZ…

  • http://www.upmpg.com Art

    As an AMSOIL Dealer the DMOZ won’t even consider my website, only listing the manufacturer’s corporate site. As such, the DMOZ means nothing to me and I absolutely never use or recommend it to anyone. After reading problems others have had getting listed and communicating with the DMOZ, I feel they did me a favor.

  • http://www.advenquest.com Guest

    When is the last time you used DMOZ to find anything? The directory structure is designed like some high school kids figured they had a better way to do the yellow pages online.

    The only references in this day and age to DMOZ is insider discussions about SEO, page rank or web design. Face it Google has devalued all other stagnant link farms, so why is DMOZ relevant in 2009? Discussions about DMOZ today are similar to overconfidence a propos the Maginot Line in an age of ICBMs. Significant in history, but rendered useless through evolution.

  • Guest

    It is a joke and a waste of time…I think it is a shame that other search engine companies give them any credit at all when DMOZ is full of so many crap sites and legit sites that have been around for a number of years can’t get listed….To me this smacks of good ole boy tactics and if you know an editor on DMOZ you get in.

  • http://www.e-indonesiaproduct.com Michael G

    I am disappointed what DMOZ have today. Tried couple times to submit into DMOZ but never got listed. Now, there is lot of free/pay directory out there and seem we have more benefit to get list with them.

  • http://www.finetobacconist.com Cigars

    Like a lot of webmasters, I submit my sites for inclusion and the DMOZ, and I do so without any expectation of actually getting listed. However, just recently, I did have one site that was listed within two weeks of my application. Needless to say, I was shocked! I guess that particular category has an editor that actually does the job.

  • http://www.boxesandbags.com Guest

    I have been trying to list two sites listed on dmoz since 1998
    http:/www.boxesandbags and http://www.gbepackaging.com, Im still waiting. People joke about how impossible it is to get listed on the SEO forums. If your using DMOZ to search for anything you are only seeing the world thru a small lens and millions of businesses have been ignored and not listed.

    So why dont they just do what yahoo does and charge people a non refundable $299.00 application fee that means we are going to take your 300 dollars and maybe we will list you if we are in a good mood that day or maybe not but ether way we are keeping your 300 dollars lol.

    DMOZ is missing out on stealing millions of dollars each year from honest businesses that would never charge a non refundable fee to any customer. If DMOZ is reading this Im still waiting for my listing.

  • http://www.sellmyhomeinmetrowestma.com Holliston Real Estate

    How can a site like DMOZ be any good when it is nearly impossible for a quality website to be added? I have tried for the last 4 years and never been able to get in. It is obvious that the moderator for the section that I am trying to get into is not existent or just plain SUCKS! Something that is harder to get into than a civilian into the white house is pretty poor.

    • http://www.dutchessdigitalmedia.com Fred Sarhadi

      It still sucks seems to describe my recent experience. Waiting for to 12 months+ for anything is just not acceptable these days. The time spent checking for your listing month to month can be better spent on the social highway. Also, as the importance of page rank plummets, so does the relevancy of DMOZ. It still helps, but gone are the days when a listing on DMOZ meant a real shot in the domain arm.

      The current editor policy also opens the door to discrimination in listing approvals. Editors who have web properties are known to decline competing entries. Why else would quality sites be ignored and always with no feedback and no reply. You submit, walk away, and never hear anything back for years. I think THAT speaks for itself.

      This is one birthday party I will not be attending.

  • http://www.shafafgallery.com/index.html Gholam Hossein-Montajam

    shafafgallery.com web site of realm of modern art creation. Visual arts

  • http://www.cyberknotz.com LJB

    DMOZ was a useful years ago when doorways, mirrors, clones and auto redirecting URLs filled Google, Yahoo, MSN & AOL search results. Now I’m surprised when I see DMOZ appear in server traffic stats. DMOZ makes up a fraction of one percent or all traffic by my estimate, hardly worth any time or effort to try and get a site listed… if one even can.

  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    Its I think WHO YOU KNOW on dmoz to whether or not you get listed.I gave up after a professional web submission company (think big budget media adds) submitted a listing for me as a favour (none web related) a couple of years ago that I did for a director(go to your room…). Although I had submitted before this submission would have been perfect exactly to the required guidelines. Absolutely nothing no reply or even acknowledgement of my existence. This may sound like sour grapes but I have heard the same sort of thing from other webmasters, who have top ratings in the great google. I have been told that the only way to get listed is to become an editor, I am beginning to think this is true but hope not….

  • http://www.laornamental.com Jesus

    We have several good web site PR2 and above, for many years have try to get listed in DMOZ but our effort has been in vein. We no longer worried about it and have stop trying to get listed or use it as we feel that what’s listed is only a small amount of great sites that are out there. Human editors ( expert in your field ) are your competitors with web site of there own so why should they approve your site, CORRUPT – JEALOUS – Do you respect DMOZ are you Kidding?

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