Do Not Write Nameless

    February 19, 2007

I recently wanted to quote another writer who posted to a community site outside of my normal realm.

On their profile page it had their nickname and their AdSense ID number, but no name. If it is hard to quote you then fewer people will quote you. Having a nickname for a brand is a good idea for some, but if you are a freelance writer or service seller it is a good idea to build an identity that is easy to attach to a real name. In an anonymous world people trust and gravitate toward things that seem human and real.

If someone has to be a search guru or a person willing to sound like an idiot to quote you then less people are going to quote you. If nobody is quoting you then there is little point to being a writer.

Using a name (real or fake) is a way to gain easy credibility points amongst those who do not know you or your industry.



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