DMOZ Delisting Sites For Sale?

    July 24, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

It’s not clear if it’s a new policy or a glitch, but some webmasters are upset as it appears that the Open Directory Project (ODP) is delisting sites that post their links in the Marketplace (for sale) section.

Over at the DigitalPoint forum, Gareth Boyd warns fellow webmasters:

Just wanted to mention to some users they shouldn’t include their link in their sale thread if they would like to remain on DMOZ Directory. For some reason DMOZ takes you off the directory if you link to your site.

Boyd spoke from personal experience and advised bidders to private message sellers for the link.

Another DigitalPoint member, jovigirl, experienced a similar event when trying to sell her site. Sure enough, is no longer in the DMOZ directory.

Mike McDonald, managing editor for and administrator of the WebProWorld forum posts questions to the members there:

What possible basis or grounds could exist for removing a site from the directory simply because it’s been posted for sale?

You know, Feedburner just got bought by some other company… yet I see their site is still listed in ODP. So… is it more a matter of where or how you sell your site that makes the difference between being kicked or kept in ODP?

Inquiring webmasters want to know.