DJ Ajax Dies In Accident On His Birthday

By: Amanda Crum - March 1, 2013

DJ Ajax, a popular record-spinner from Australia, died early this morning after being hit by a truck. He was 41 years old.

Adrian Thomas had been celebrating his birthday and was reportedly the victim of an accident, although police are investigating. A spokesperson for police said in a statement, “It’s believed the man ran in front of the north bound truck on College Crescent shortly before 1am. He died at the scene.”

Thomas was a celebrated performer who was named “World DJ of the Year” by 3D Magazine three times. After making a name for himself with the group Bang Gang, he went on to found the label Sweat It Out. A rep for the label said today that Thomas was “instrumental in shaping the landscape of Australian dance music. He was a hugely talented individual and was highly respected by the local and international dance music community as a pioneer and innovator. Adrian touched so many people and it is impossible to sum up his legacy in words.”

Thomas is being fondly remembered across the web today as friends mourn the loss of a talented musician.

Amanda Crum

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  • http://yahoo carlos

    May God have another angel of music on his garden. My greatest condolenses to the beloved family and every one who gave the dj a break…. Being a dj is beautifullll.. passion ,love,and above alllll the love of mixing music like no other great human been. God bless the hearts of all the aficionados who loved his music. Now we get to heart it from the heart and his soul….FROM THE “MIDNITE” DJ. WESSIDE LOVE…WESSIDE THUG. THE MIDNITE LOVE. MUSIC IS MY SOUL…MIX IS MY PASSION. THANKS TO YOU ALL.

  • Bill

    It’s sad when people die in the prime of their lives, or what should be their prime. Was it an accident or was it a suicide? From reading this story I can’t tell. Did he party on his birthday and step in front of a truck, or did was he having a lousy time on his birthday and decided to step in front of a truck? Prayers to his family.

    • EJRho

      Hey slit his wrists and ran in front of the truck, he had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was upset over that, police found alot of drugs also at his home . very sad

  • aloha

    His brilliance and creativity live forever, therefore AJAX LIVES FOREVER!

  • djdropsmaker

    He made an incredible impact on many aspiring dj’s. Such a terrible loss and at such a young age as well. R.I.P. Ajax

  • Ned Rierson

    Such a wasted talent. Inventor of household cleaners, and pretty good record spinner from what they say. RIP maestro.

  • http://yahoo julie

    Why would he run out in front of a truck?
    He lived fast and died young.
    He spread joy to millions.

  • phyllis

    RIP..gong to young………