Distinguish Yourself From the Competition

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We generally hear from the search engines that having a good product will usually lead to your ranking better. This is kind of what Laura Lippay, Director of Technical Marketing at Yahoo discussed with WebProNews at the SMX Advanced conference this week. What tactics do you use to outrank your competitors? Tell us about them.

In the above discussion, Lippay and Mike McDonald discuss how if you really want to outrank your competitors, it can help to look at the problem areas with their products, and look at what you can do better, and what else you can do to distinguish yourself. Then focus on that.

Social media is a good way to not only get a feel for attitudes toward your product, but also toward you competitors’ product. This can be especially helpful when looking for areas of weakness in the competition.

Distinguish Yourself From the Competition
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  • http://spidermarket.wordpress.com Generate Leads

    Whatever it takes to get ahead of your competition go for it. I like those advices. We have used a bigger picture or our ads sizes were bigger to make a differences in the services. This has helped with our marketing.

  • http://curtclapier.com CurtClapier.com

    Having a Talkable product is easier said than done. Great advice though.

  • http://www.psprepair.org/ psp repair

    I believe it’s true. Any company must focused on their product or service in order to be at the top. Not just because the company is popular, everything will be easy. Product innovation or service gimmick is the best key to a company’s success!

  • http://www.medlawplus.com joe

    As best I can determine, having the best product means little in SEO unless it generates buzz in social media which, in turn, leads to links. And the generation of buzz in social media can be artificially stimulated regardless of the worth of your product. Which leads to the conclusion it is not really all that important to have the best product, just the best marketing.

  • http://gausarts.com gaus surahman

    Not until I decided to quit my job, I care about ranks and SEO of my site. I didn’t even have an idea for sure what they are good for. I am learning. To my attention, I got good ranks in a relatively short time thanks to my GPL drupal theme contributions. The first time I saw my alexa was 3.182.522 (15 May 2009) and today 766,941 (8 June 2009). Rapid enough I guess for a small personal blog. The good thing is I never compete nor willing to. I just give the best shot I can in my contributions. Soon I hope I can find out what my rank is good for.

  • http://web-success101.com Robinana

    No truer statement. My latest business idea, and so far my best, came from a horrible website I had stumbled upon that had a stellar business idea. I knew I could take the idea (niche) and run with it, use my large Twitter following to promote it and make it work for me.

    Guess what? It did. If you are interested in having your blog built for FREE, see my latest great idea at CustomBlogForFree.com …. A stolen idea, yes….Did I do a better job than my competition? Absolutely. Case Closed.

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