Disney Unveils Cars Land For First Time

By: Richard Stalker - June 14, 2012

A few years ago Disney decided to make a big push and let its team of engineers known as the Walt Disney Imagineers go to work on the Cars portion of the California Adventure. This was due in part to the massive success of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando! The attention to detail at that park is so great that it justifies the money spent.

The results are nothing more than amazing. The Imagineers have been able to recreate Radiator Springs and the surrounding area to near perfection. The photos which were posted on the Disney Blog show the amount of pure amazing that they pulled out of their hat. From the Cozy Cone Motel, to the Vistas in the distance, things look picture perfect to the Pixar film franchise that has made Disney over a billion dollars.

I reached out to a Disneyland employee who has seen the new edition personally and asked him how it was. “Very cool,” he said. It feels like it should, every detail is great!”

Am I the only one amazed by this? Ok, now I want Disneyland to truly team up with Star Wars and make a complete recreation of Mos Eisley. I think it would kill! Star Tours is pretty freaking cool, but a fully functional Star Wars world with storm troopers walking around would take the cake!

Check out this video of Imagineer Kathy Mangum leading us on a semi tour of the new part of the park in Southern California. It also features another Imagineer, Lisa Girolami, walking us through another new part of California Adventure called Buena Vista Street:

Here are a bunch of pictures of the new park and check out a bunch of highlights you can expect to see after the pictures:






For some information about the new park go to the Disney Blog to about what you can expect at the park.

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