Disney Brings In $123 Million Via iTunes

    March 13, 2008

Disney has made a projected $123 million in sales of video via Apple iTunes.

The estimate comes from comments that Disney CEO Bob Iger made at the Digital Hollywood Media Summit. Iger said Disney has sold 4 million movies and 40 to 50 million videos through iTunes, since it made content available on the service in 2006.

Disney CastleDisney Castle
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Silicon Valley Insider breaks the numbers down. "Pali Research’s Rich Greenfield estimates that Disney is getting $14.50 for each movie sold through Apple. 4 million x $14.50 = $58 million."

"We estimate that Disney gets about $1.44 for each video it sells. 45 million x $1.44 = $64.8 million. Grand total: $122.8 million: In other words, a little less than 10% of the $1 billion digital revenue goal Iger has laid out for his company this year — and a rounding error for a company that generated $35 billion in sales last year."

Two movies that have helped Disney reach the 4 million mark on iTunes are "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Cars."