Discover The MAJOR Force Driving Internet Sales Today

    November 18, 2002

Simply put, permission email marketing is THE true profit producer fueling the success of the Internet age.

No other Internet marketing strategy produces as high of a return on investment as permission email marketing. NOR does any other strategy truly achieve it’s peak effectiveness until it is tied in with permission email marketing.

Honestly, take a look around you. Every major Internet company and every major Internet marketer runs one or more opt-in lists. They may call them ezines, newsletters, product update notification emails, auto responder courses, or whatever.

By any name, though, opt-in lists deliver what no other marketing strategy online can:

*the opportunity for REPEAT contact
*a chance to develop a trusting relationship
*the ability to establish buying routines
*a way to be more helpful to your customers
*the capability of improving the effectiveness of all other promotional methods.


Any educated marketer knows that repeat exposure leads to more sales. It allows you to build further interest, create more credibility, and vary your approach.

While you may advertise one benefit of your product in one email, in the next you can focus on another aspect, and so on. Over time, you will inevitably attract more prospects this way.


Repeat contact is not only critical to continually expose potential customers to your business or products, but more importantly it is absolutely necessary in order to establish relationships.

People would rather buy from a source they trust or are at least used to seeing than from one they don’t know. Personal recommendation from a trusted source carries far more weight than the best sales copy ever written.


Not only does building a relationship with your customers give you more credibility with them, but it establishes a routine for them as well. If you establish a good relationship, people will be more likely to look to you in the future when they have questions, product needs, or are just looking for new ideas.


Being able to stay in touch with your customers allows you to help them better as well. Helping others is extremely critical to developing a growing downline in network marketing, AND essential to assuring repeat business in product sales.

Without getting permission to stay in contact with people, none of this is possible.


As well, all other promotional methods become more effective when used in conjunction with permission email marketing.

Say for instance someone finds your site through a search engine. What’s to keep them coming back if you don’t make a sale on their first visit? The only way they can find you again will be to repeat the exact search they did initially.

What if they use a different search term the next time around? What if your position with the search engine changes and they don’t see your listing that next time?

However, if you offer people something further that requires them to leave their name and email address the FIRST time they search out your site, how much further ahead are you?


Essentially, as an Internet marketer you’ve got two choices. Either you develop your own opt-in lists, OR you pay for the privilege of advertising to others’ lists. Naturally, you can effectively use a combination of practices as well as other promotional methods, but you’ll still have to choose one way or the other as your primary method.

In truth, both require an investment of time and money. Establishing your own opt-in list, however, produces the greater return on investment over time.

Keeping people on your list is something you have to earn, but still, whatever cost was involved in getting them there is only a one time expense as opposed to continually paying for the privilege.

Permission email marketing IS the major force driving sales on the Internet today. How you take advantage of it is up to you.

Written by Joe Bingham of the NetPlay Marketer

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