Dirty Ideas, Clean Link Sources

    April 17, 2007

Ideas come up in the news over and over again, and when they do category leading sites gain self reinforcing links. In industries where many competing sites are viewed as sleazy it is easy to build an industry leading site by playing the industry from the other side. DMOZ loves to list Allegedly Unethical Firms, and so does the media.

I just bought a domain name off SnapNames for the $60 minimum. Other bidders must have thought it was worthless because the name matched a scam. It does, but if I create an advocacy website then I have a self reinforcing authority that is a clean link source which can branch out in scope as it gains authority.

Every market and every idea is something you can build up or arbitrage against. Sometimes arbitraging against a scam helps reinforce the feeling of self worth in a group of powerful people. As long as you are comfortable with the position, don’t be afraid to bet (and build) against scams.