DirecTV Launches iPad App Upgrade

    March 22, 2012
    Mike Fossum
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Satellite television provider DirecTV just launched a complimentary iPad app update that would allow users to stream video content from anywhere.

DirecTV added streaming functionality for iPad last fall, but users were restricted to watching their content on the same network of their DirecTV receiver, meaning that one basically had to be at home to see anything. The DirecTV Everywhere streaming upgrade allows users to view OnDemand content from premium movie channels like HBO and Showtime, as well as DirecTV’s own Audience Network. Still, users won’t be able to watch live content while away from their home receiver, and the upgrade doesn’t include TV shows at this time.

While DirecTV hasn’t released an official statement on the upgrade, it appears to be following suit with other providers in their push of streaming video content – Comcast launched Xfinity Streampix in February to compete with Hulu and Netflix.

To further compete with the other providers, it can be assumed that DirecTV will in time make more TV shows available through its upgraded streaming service.

In related news, DirecTV just tapped Charlie Sheen to appear in its new commercial:

Reviews appear to be mixed, but I think it’s pretty funny.

  • Wally

    I’m a little surprised to learn that DirecTV is still playing catch up. It’s great that they added these additional live TV channels… but that still leaves DirecTV is still bringing up the rear of the pack. A lot of companies allow such streaming out of the house, so it’s silly for DirecTV to just now be adding that capability. As a DISH customer I can tell you that DISH Remote Access with the Sling Adapter is amazing in how it lets me watch my live TV, DVR recordings and VOD on my iPad. I can’t imagine how horrible the commute to my office at DISH would be without the ability to catch up on my shows on my iPad.