Direct Navigation And Search

    July 27, 2007

A survey from Opinion Research Corporation for found that Internet users prefer direct navigation more than has been previously reported.

Sixty-four percent of Internet users said they bypass search engines and type keywords into their browsers attempting to be directed to the right URL.

Other reports have found that around 17 percent of Internet searchers use direct navigation instead of search engines. The survey also revealed that 26 percent of users say they bypass search engines at least once a day. Thirty-eight percent said they bypass search engines weekly or monthly.

Fifty-three percent of users surveyed said they would always or sometimes bypass search engines if they could find what they are searching for by typing the category name into their browser.

Jonathan Boswell, CEO of told DMNews, "In general, [these results imply] that owning the category is important and increasingly integral to the success of a business."

"A short, memorable URL that is descriptive of the brand is vital to business. In the context of, the results show that search marketers have access to these brands and are strategic in gaining ROI."