Dine & Ditcher Shamed on Facebook, Promptly Arrested

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In the social media age, it's probably a bad idea to dine and ditch. Ok, it's always a bad idea to dine and ditch - because if you dine and ditch, you're an asshole. But if you plan on dining and ditching, make sure that one of the restaurant's employees hasn't managed to snap a photo of you before you do it.

On Wednesday, the Brewers Cabinet brewpub in Reno, Nevada posted an alert to their 2,000+ fans. It was a picture of a man and attached was a warning: this guy skipped out on his check and it's not the first time he's done it. What we're looking at here is a "serial thief," according to Brewers Cabinet.

Brewers Cabinet

ATTN RENO: If you know, or see, this dude, please call RENO POLICE DEPT at 334-2121 immediately, and then remind him that his tab at The Brewer's Cabinet is still waiting to be paid.... and his tab at Campo.... and his tab at Imperial.... and his tab at Chapel... and his tab at many other fine establishments. And, while you're at it, you could tell him that visiting restaurants/bars with your friends, running up a huge bill, roughing up servers and then bailing is pretty uncool... pathetic, really. Get a life, man. PLEASE SHARE. DOWNTOWN BUSINESS OWNERS: BEWARE.

The owners at Campo, Imperial, and Chapel Tavern confirmed that the man, Saul Zelaznog, had also skipped out on tabs at their establishments as well.

"It's something you have to deal with, there are certain ways we take precautions for it, however sometimes people are clever and they get away with it," said a bartender at Chapel Tavern.

Unfortunately for Mr. Zelaznog, the Reno police (with the help of Facebook) finally caught up to him.

Brewers Cabinet announced the arrest (for probation violation) early Friday:

"Thanks so much for your help and overwhelming support in this unfortunate situation. We are excited to announce that Mr. Z has just been taken into custody by the Reno Parole & Probation Department. We hope that all of his outstanding debts are paid in time, but more importantly, that he makes wiser decisions in the future. From this point forward, law enforcement will be handling Mr. Z's case, and we will get back to brewing amazing beer!"

Zelznog claims that he was going to go back to take care of his bill.

Often, Facebook makes it easier to be a dick, but sometimes it helps to thwart dickish behavior.

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