Dina Eastwood Won’t Receive Alimony if Clint Gets His Way

    December 21, 2013
    Shana Norris
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If Clint Eastwood gets his way, his estranged wife Dina won’t be receiving spousal support when their divorce is finalized.

Dina Eastwood filed for divorce in October, citing irreconcilable differences. This was on the heels of filing for a formal separation from her famous husband the prior month.

But Eastwood is asking a judge to deny Dina spousal support. Some sources speculate that Eastwood feels confident his request will be granted based on terms laid out in a prenuptial agreement.

Another potential source of contention in the divorce is custody of the couple’s 16 year-old daughter Morgan. Dina wants full physical custody; Eastwood wants joint physical custody.

During a recent appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s talk show, Dina said she had initially expected the separation and divorce to go much more smoothly:

“Stuff started happening in the spring that threw me for a loop,” she told Frankel. “I had no clue that there would ever be any kind of turbulence or bizarre things occur. I thought it would just be really cool, that we’d live in the same town and go to the same place to have a drink. I didn’t get it…He’s lovely, he hasn’t done much. It’s other people around him have done things that have blown me away and again my future ex-husband has done nothing [wrong]. He’s probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He is the sweetest, he is a loving, kind, low-key person so my intuition was still great on marrying a good person.”

Married in 1996, the couple have been separated since 2012. They have only the one child together. Eastwood has seven other children from previous relationships.

When asked by Frankel about rumors of infidelity, Dina said she didn’t feel comfortable “calling infidelity or cheating or anything like that when we’re already living separately … same house but separately … you’re living estranged.”

Dina told Frankel that she and Eastwood’s daughter Morgan is “lovin’ life right now. She’s great.” Dina talked about the fact that 83 year-old Eastwood recently took Morgan to Coachella. She actually referred to “our 20- and 16- year old,” the 20-year old most likely being Francesca Fisher-Eastwood, Eastwood’s daughter from his relationship with actress Frances Fisher.

In May 2012 Dina, Morgan and Francesca starred in the first season of Mrs. Eastwood and Company, an E! Network reality documentary series that chronicled their lives.

In April Dina, who worked as a news anchor prior to marrying Eastwood, checked herself into an exclusive Arizona rehab facility for depression and anxiety. She told Frankel that at this point she’s up and down, and aiming to go three consecutive days without crying.

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  • marian

    DINA-Clint has 7 children from previous relationships!! talk to their mothers you may find some surprising things about this man like he has no sense of commitment-He is a pretty old fogie for continuing his
    affairs with women!

    • Trish

      Yep, I think when he is there, he is there and when he is not it is cold. He has people, but I am sure they are doing what he wants. Strange guy with his women. I think Marian is correct.

    • cmi

      He doesn’t remind me of a man that will put up with a whole lot of B.S. out of a wife or mate! In other words, a lot of women seems to want to be-little or verbally castrate their man these days, & I don’t believe he would take that crap at all!

  • Donn Clark

    NO compassion, it’s all about him . . . what a shame, a man in a body without a mind that works.

    • PTauntie

      Okay, it was not Clint that filed, it was Dina, so how is it “all about him”? And if you read the article, she says she still feels that he is a good person, a quality person, and she made a good decision in marrying him. So tell me how does this equate to “its all about him”? and how does this equate to him having no brain? No compassion She is the one who filed, so who has no compassion? She does not need his money, she is wealthy in her own right. Can you say prenup?

    • Gabrielhues

      I’m sure you’re right but she should have know that before she married him.

  • Ray Heaton

    She just sounds like all other women who marry old men for their money, and actually believe that they earned it, just another money grubbing whore!

    • Sulanda

      Ray, sounds like you have some women problems, you don’ even know this woman! You cannot take a sound bite from someone in emotional pain and think you know all about them!

  • david

    She is a golddigger. Most women are. Those women that respond negatively to these posts prove the point

    • bubbbayubbaWUBBA

      hey I know lots of men who are golddiggers too. men love their sugamommas!

      • Sulanda

        Ray, sounds like you have some women problems, you don’t even know this woman! You cannot take a sound bite from someone in emotional pain and think you know all about them! And by the way, he asked her to marry him!

  • Jackie T.

    Clint is old enough to be her father. That would be enough to split up over. She’s 48 and he’s 82? Wow. It would concern me that he has 7 kids with different women.

  • june

    never liked him since he was so mean to an ex girlfriend and had her blackballed in Hollywood years ago. cant remember her name but she was never in movies again.

    • R.J.B.

      Sondra Locke

    • http://webpronews micheala

      I can tell you the name of the actress,Sondra Locke.I knew them both and she was NOT a nice person….cold as the north pole.He did not blackball her she did that all on her own.

    • RR

      Also made Sandra Locke terminate her pregnancy because because it wasn’t appropriate for his older children to have a sibling when their father wasn’t married to the mother. Another brilliant actor and director who is a miserable person.

  • Sick N Tired

    Clint was not entirely at fault, as it was her who moved an entire band with their problems into her and Clint’s home. There were also her issues of waste including throwing tons of family belongings out in the yard instead of donating to a worthy cause or asking the family owners if they wanted the items first. Clint was not receptive to the reality show and was against it. Many reality shows have resulted in divorce or separation, including Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey, Hulk Hogan, Kris and Bruce Jenner (better for him because he was treated like crap), etc., etc., so no one is really surprised about this divorce!!!

  • BambiB

    If the prenupt says, “no alimony”, then there ought to be none.

    This all sounds to me like an mentally-imbalanced woman who had it all, and it wasn’t enough. She deserves nothing. She’s thrown it all away. Clint should show compassion by not slamming her in the butt with the screen door on her way out.</b?

  • http://WorldProNews Monty

    I imagine Dina thought she was getting a real prize when she
    married that old, geezer ho. He changes wives/girlfriends more
    often than his adult diaper.


    Kind of predictable.

    The women take her side. The men take his side.

    I really don’t know enough to comment. I don’t know how much Clint is worth. Judging by the number of bankruptcies one hears about it could be anything depending on how well he is managing his money.

    I can’t help but wonder if what we are reading about is negotiation. She asks for full custody. He denies alimony. Are these what is known as opening gambits?

  • Burt

    Hey Dina. Clint is a nice guy right? Then why did you stab him in the back by filing for divorce? You’ve been living high on the hog for years and years on Clint’s dime, then you dump him and cry about not getting more??

  • Selfie

    It’s time for Dina to reread her “prenup.” She might have given away rights to spousal support, in exchange for a lump settlement. When it comes to money, folks are not warm and fuzzy. Chances are, he will be granted joint custody. And as a result, he would have to pay less child support. Dina would have to prove, Clint was abusive to his daughter, in order for joint custody to be denied. But that was the risk she took, for marrying fame and fortune.

  • Mirae

    Well, now we know why she was trying to make “nice-nice” in her comments about Clint…saying how “lovely” he had been and that he had “done nothing wrong.” Wonder what her state of mind is now…does she “feel lucky?”

  • Gail

    I think she is a gold digger. Why should she get alimony? She signed a prenup. As for custody isn’t the daughter old enough to decide who she wants to live with?She moved out She ended the marriage not clint so why should she get anything

  • Pez

    Dina is just a gold digger from Fremont. Clint has never been a one woman man.

  • jim

    He couldn’t made her day so he has to pay

  • debra

    She cheated on him w/old flame, then he one upped her and flew that guys EX out to Ca. from N.Y. and had affair w/her for week !Talk about PowerPlay !

  • CoolCustomer

    She should get paid. She spent 17 years suggin that old man’s deek, so
    why can’t she get paid? He is one cheap Mutha.

  • Gold Digger

    That is all women are nowadays. Gold diggers. You wonder why America is going to hell? Look squarely at women. It is all about me, me, me, me, me.

    We are not talking about a woman who is going to be on the street. This woman will have millions when she leaves. Millions. But she wants:

    More, more, more, more.

    Lots of people laugh at the bible nowadays. But really the bible is true. Eve was the downfall of Adam and we see many modern day Eves. Eve just had to have that apple. Just had to. A comfortable, peaceful live in the garden was not good enough.

    She needed more, more, more.

    • RR

      So women are the cause for the problems in the US?

  • http://yahoo lyn

    She signed a prenup i think in most cases they are ironclad.

  • tony

    she is exactly what she appears to be …phony, shallow and ultimately unable to serve anyone or anything but herself. i.e bringing someone into their shared home (even though estranged)in order to have sex is a sign of moral absence.

  • Gabrielhues

    I watched the reality show of hers and she appears to be a self absorbed, money grubbing, gold digging witch. Seemed like the only way they would get along is if she had her way all the time.

  • david

    I think I made my point by all the dislikes. The other comments I see here also make the point. Most women are goldiggers and are materialistic. Dina is a gold digging selfish wench. Once she saw money she had her eyes dead set on it. Too bad there is a prenup. Anyone that fights a prenup is pretty stupid; a woman that does it public ally is a freaking jackass.