DigitalJournal Gets Presidential

    July 11, 2007
  has added a new section for presidential candidates to discuss and debate issues with the public and citizen journalists.

“ has become an incredibly powerful tool and politicians have recognized the importance of getting involved with voters in online communities," says Editor-in-Chief, Chris Hogg.

"The influence of the mainstream media is not what it used to be. is a unique place where citizen journalists have become a powerful force in shaping public opinion."

On DigitalJournal, presidential candidates can post news and information about their campaigns, upload photos, videos and answer questions from the public.

So far only former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee has joined DigitalJournal. DigitalJournal says they are in talks with other candidates who have expressed an interest in participating on the site.

With major players launching their own political channels like MySpace’s the Impact Channel back in March and YouTube launching Citizentube and YouChoose, it could prove challenging for DigitalJournal to get more presidential candidates on board, but then again we are talking about politicians here so maybe they do have a chance after all.