Digital Revenue Becoming More Important To Dow Jones

    June 20, 2008

Dow Jones is about as old a company as you’re likely to run into; founded in 1882, it makes at least a couple of countries look young.  It’s staying with the times, though, as Rupert Murdoch expects considerably more than half of its revenue will soon come from digital undertakings.

This could be accomplished by refocusing some of the company’s more traditional arms.  The Wall Street Journal, SmartMoney, and Barron’s Magazine tend to be associated with print publications instead of their related websites.

Alternatively, as a quick and easy way of altering the overall ratio, Dow Jones could just buy up a few Internet companies.  MySpace would tie into a lot of different things with little or no difficulty.

Regardless, Murdoch summarized the current state of affairs by stating, "It’s not just the Wall Street Journal, it’s the Dow Jones Company, whose revenues are nearly 50 percent digital," according to Reuters.

He then continued, "I can see in a very few years (revenues going up to) 75 percent (from) digital."

What Murdoch wants, Murdoch tends to get, so keep an eye out for significant shifts in Dow Jones’s digital strategy.