Digg Wants You To Create More Useful Apps

    June 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

Digg has introduced some new additions to the Digg API today. The company says with these, developers can create increasingly useful and interesting applications using Digg Data.

One of these new additions is a search endpoint, which utilizes the same search functionality that Digg introduced a couple months ago on its site. Users will be able to use advanced shortcuts, common search tricks, and search by source (domain).

Digg Search Results

Another addition is a series of related stories endpoints, which allow users to find related info for any story that’s been dugg. For example, you can find stories that have been dugg by similar users, or stories with similar keywords. There is also an endpoint for favorites.

"These features are just the beginning of some changes that we’re currently working on and plan to introduce in the coming months," says Digg’s John Quinn. "These will include endpoints for participating — such as Digging and burying — so that even richer and full featured applications can be created off the Digg platform."

On a related note, Digg also announced that it is reworking its API license. The plan is to give developers more control over apps they develop through the removal of commercial limitations. The license can be viewed here.