Digg To Interview Republican House Leader

First question: what about weed?

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Hearing that the Digg crowd is set to hurl questions at a Congressional Republican, one’s first thoughts are “ruhroh” and “what was John Boehner thinking?” Even a hurried look at what gets dugg suggests a decidedly liberal stance among a crowd not known to hold back.

Looks can be deceiving, though. This same crowd was made up of rabid Ron Paul fans. Liber-tarian might be a better blanket than liber-al.

The “Digg Dialogg,” delivered to a politician via CNN isn’t a new thing. Previously, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and former Vice President Al Gore have faced the cream of the Digg crowd wisdom.

On Friday, it’s Republican House Leader John Boehner, who may just have to explain, again, just why marijuana is illegal. Other top questions ask how the Republican party can get its old small-government-low-taxes groove back, if the House Leader will be uniter or a divider, and the location of a mortgage owner bailout.

Well, those should be fun for him. Maybe “what were you thinking agreeing to this?” is a decent question after all.

Digg’s top question for Boehner mirror the top question the Internet asked of the pre-inaugural Obama administration via Change.gov. President Obama was not shy about telling them pot would not be legalized under his watch.

The live Boehner interview will air tomorrow on CNN.

Digg To Interview Republican House Leader
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  • silentboom

    Digg is terribly liberal, about 10% might be libertarians. Libertarians are socially liberal but believe in fiscal conservatism which is the opposite of liberals. The programs that liberals support such as welfare and universal health care are absolutely a nightmare scenario for a true libertarian.

  • Mary of America

    Speaking as one who has lived the nightmare of illegal drug use in America since the 70″s: Drug abuse is not a criminal issue, it is a social issue. The question becomes why when you live in the greatest society on the planet would you want to drug yourself?

    If your life is so horrible that you cant face it every day, then I suggest you get up and do something about it. Drugs and alcohol for that matter are just an excuse. Unfortuneately, our liberal media had promoted them as a lifestyle that is “cool”. There is nothing cool about addiction, or running away from reality.

    When fully 45% of the American population is drug or alcohol addicted, I think it is time for a radical change. The only person who can make you face reality is yourself, not the government and not family.

    So for all you cry babies out there that want pot legalized so you can continue to make excuses for your life, wahwahwah. And medical marijuana whatever.

  • http://www.WordByWordHut.com Catherine

    so that is how it is…

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