Digg Obscenity Filter Makes For Homonymic Good Time

    May 8, 2009
    WebProNews Staff

Nice grab by Vallegwag illustrating how our sensitivity training—and our automatic sensitivity filters—can make for some amusing untended bleeping. In this case, Digg.com’s automatic naughty word filter thought homo erectus sounded as dirty as it, well, really sounds.

If you didn’t pay much attention in science class, homo is the same unfortunately humorous prefix as the one in homo sapien, which refers to you and me—hey! Don’t swing at me, brudda. Blame the Greeks. Homo erectus is considered the earliest the human species.

Even funnier is that when Digg edited out the word homo in this instance, it made the headline dirtier and funnier than before:

Erectus Crosses the Open Ocean.

Oddly, that reminds me of my teaching days in Japan. Find a group of native Japanese speakers and get them to tell you the story of the attempted assassination of the President of Taiwan.

It was Election Day. They had to apply pressure to stop the bleeding.

A couple of transposed r’s and l’s and you’ve got hilarity for the rest of the day.